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Released6 July 2016 (Update)
LocationWatson's house
ExamineLooks like Watson's ideas board.
Advanced data
Object ID6615

The pinboard is an object located in Watson's house which was introduced with the 2016 Treasure Trails expansion. It displays the username of players that have submitted ideas for this and later Treasure Trails expansions.

List of names[edit | edit source]

A list of the players mentioned on the pinboard.

A classy boy Flapz Old Herb Hunt3red QQOQ
Edenlolol Foraka Ruby Weapon PalmTreeRS Bloxx
Strong kid33 X Cite8 Hess 1Lettershor Iron Pheonix
EliteChaos GoingNowhere Skrellix thetoddster Afropunk
Solo Gi xunhallowedx King Bert IV Acid bubble Perm agility
Ripin clouds Tach Uunikana Gangster EC Speedruns
Bigfoot pizzaman420p 123Jarek Captaindun Level 3 clue
Fjalee Kairbender Bosco 6 KahviPoju Glorious guy
Marfn Kincent Prizim Hunting calm King Flameo0
Cyprus Stormbow Fiism Andyjay0 Nod Storm
Anxious NPC Versierd LittleMenace dadbodfever Narwallus
Laz0r Benvil Lovsaphira9 epic niceXD Mitch
Jonasonosrs A dust devil Mage Tutor JVH AkemiHomura
CallmeZach Bank Made Ovidis Koswordsman KKona
ZyphDoz LulDied2Mole Harry RS Wildmuffin Burning Love
Rek Suyin Mga JackScape Rigondeaux
Mr Jeza The Atlantis Maen i maen RuneDragon Warm Pockets
Pinuzzo Demilancer

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
27 June 2019

An extra username got added to the list of contributors.

11 April 2019

The list got updated with contributors to the new Treasure Trails expansion.