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The pineapple plant is a native of the island of Karamja, growing near Brimhaven. Players may also grow them themselves with the Farming skill. They can be picked to provide pineapples.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Players with level 51 Farming can grow a pineapple plant by planting a pineapple seed in a filled plant pot using a gardening trowel, then watering it with a watering can. After 15 minutes or less, the pineapple seedling will become a pineapple sapling and can then be transferred to a Fruit tree patch with a spade. A pineapple tree sapling may take fourteen hours or more to mature. An Amulet of nature may be bound to the patch to provide progress on its growth.

Planting a pineapple tree sapling grants 57 Farming experience. A healthy, fully-grown pineapple tree, when checked, grants 4,605 Farming experience. Once mature, the tree can produce up to six pineapples at a time, which grant 21.5 Farming experience each when picked. Once all six pineapples have been picked, the tree will slowly produce more pineapples until all 6 are available again, which may be picked anytime they show on the tree.

A gardener will watch over a growing pineapple plant in exchange for 10 watermelons, which may be noted.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As with pineapples in Old School RuneScape, pineapples in real life do not grow on trees, but rather grow as a small ground plant. Each plant can produce a single pineapple before dying.
  • The pineapple plants on Karamja accurately resemble a real-world pineapple plant but can produce multiple pineapples. This is most likely done for gameplay reasons.