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Ping is the time it takes for a player's computer to send a request to the server, and for the server to respond, usually measured in milliseconds. If the server has many players or is farther away, the Ping will be higher. If the server has fewer players or is closer, the Ping will be lower. The higher the Ping, the longer the server takes to respond.

Expected values[edit | edit source]

As a general rule of thumb, a World with more than 200 is not recommended for dangerous situations, 100 and below is generally lag free, and anything below 50 will have no lag.

For example, a World with a value of 35 will probably have no lag compared with a World with a value of 192.

Checking Ping[edit | edit source]

To manually check the Ping value to a specific server, enter the following command in the system command line (e.g. cmd on Windows or a Linux terminal):


This command will send echo packets to the server and display the time it takes to receive the response. Replace 1 with the server number to check minus 300. For example, 1 stands for World 301, while 255 represents World 555.

Alternatively, some third-party plugins or clients might display the server Ping, but keep in mind that they are not endorsed by Jagex and should be used with caution.