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Plagued Frogs are frogs that recently infested the banks of the desert city of Sophanem. They are low levelled, and because they have no drops, are very rarely killed.

Recently, Sophanem was beset by a number of plagues created by the goddess of destruction, Amascut, due to the theft of the remains of the priest Klenter. Amongst these plagues was a massive swarm of diseased frogs that came from the River Elid.

Bloated with an unknown disease, they threaten to infect the people of Sophanem. Strangely, they do not seem to have affected the neighbouring city of Menaphos, despite the fact that the two settlements are narrowly separated by the River Elid.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
North Sophanem11Member icon.png10Maplink
South Sophanem11Member icon.png8Maplink