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Planks are items that members use primarily in the Construction skill to make furniture for their houses. They are also used in some quests and for earning Piscarilius favour by repairing fishing cranes, which gives Crafting experience equal to 3 times the current level.

Planks come in four different varieties, namely plank inventory imagenormal, Oak plank inventory imageoak, Teak plank inventory imageteak, and Mahogany plank inventory imagemahogany.

There are a few spawn points for some planks. However, players can only make planks by taking various kinds of logs to the sawmill operator and paying a fee. The fee is different for each type of plank; in general, higher-level furniture requires more expensive planks.

In addition to physically taking logs to the sawmill, players may also send their servant to the sawmill to convert them into planks. The Plank Make spell from the Lunar spellbook may also be used.

Spawns[edit | edit source]

One of the most affordable ways to level through the early levels of Construction is by collecting free planks which can be found at various spawn points. See the Plank and Teak plank pages for a list of spawn locations. The teak plank requires completion of the Song of the Elves quest.

Plank Make spell[edit | edit source]

The Plank Make spell can be used to create planks for use in construction. However, this requires a minimum Magic level of 86 and completion of the Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor quests.

Sawmills[edit | edit source]

The interface to convert logs into planks.

There are 3 sawmills across RuneScape, one located north-east of Varrock, which is accessible to all members, and two that have requirements to access. Sawmills can make logs provided into planks for a fee.

Item Cost Log needed
Plank inventory image Plank 100 Logs inventory image Logs
Oak plank inventory image Oak plank 250 Oak logs inventory image Oak logs
Teak plank inventory image Teak plank 500 Teak logs inventory image Teak logs
Mahogany plank inventory image Mahogany plank 1,500 Mahogany logs inventory image Mahogany logs

Lumber Yard[edit | edit source]

An efficient method to make regular or oak planks is to obtain a full inventory of logs, take them to the Sawmill Operator and turn them into planks, then make a small trek north to the Wilderness and fill a looting bag with the planks and obtain a new inventory to turn into planks, allowing an extra 25 logs per trip.

  • Although you can carry 28 items in the looting bag you will have to go to a bank to empty the bag before you can use those planks, as the bag is Deposit Only, so this method is only efficient if you are intending to cut regular/oak trees to take to the sawmill operator after the looting bag is full of planks from your first visit.

Please Note: You cannot fill both the looting bag and your inventory with logs and take them to the sawmill operator as he will only supply you with planks from logs that are in your inventory.

There is a hot-air balloon slightly south of the sawmill that could be used from Castle Wars, requiring completion of Enlightened Journey and having the Varrock route unlocked. Each trip would require a ring of dueling and a willow log.

For those with 99 Crafting, the hot-air balloon just outside the Crafting Guild can be used to travel to the Lumberyard for one willow log, using the Crafting cape to teleport back to the Crafting Guild for quick and easy banking, without additional teleportation costs.

Lumberyard teleports and rings of dueling could also be used to bank faster and return, although this is somewhat expensive.

Woodcutting Guild[edit | edit source]

Using the Sawmill in the Woodcutting Guild, the player can make a full load of planks in 25 seconds by using a charged skills necklace and ring of dueling (Castle Wars Bank).

Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

While the Sawmill operator in Prifddinas is a less efficient method of producing planks from previously obtained logs, it can be a very viable way of turning the nearby cut teak or mahogany trees into planks and subsequently banking them.

An effective way is to teleport to the Grand Exchange (Varrock teleport with medium Varrock dairy done) and take the spirit tree back to Prifddinas. With use of the plank sack, players can bank up to 600 teak or mahogany planks an hour with this method.

Calculator[edit | edit source]

Item Plank Value (G.E) Sawmill Cost Log (Price) Net Profit (x27 - Per inventory) Gp/hr (25s trips)
Plank inventory image Plank 242 −100 each −67 75 (2,025) 291,600.00
Oak plank inventory image Oak plank 391 −250 each −57 84 (2,268) 326,592.00
Teak plank inventory image Teak plank 710 −500 each −143 67 (1,809) 260,496.00
Mahogany plank inventory image Mahogany plank 1,861 −1,500 each −230 131 (3,537) 509,328.00