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This article is about the item used to cure plants. For the Lunar spell, see Cure Plant.

Plant cure is a potion that players can use on diseased plants while farming, restoring the plant to a healthy state so that it can continue to grow. It can be bought for 40 coins from a farming shop or for 25 coins from a farmer at the farming patch.

Note: This will not work on dead plants. To ensure that your plant does not die, consider using an amulet of nature to monitor it, or pay a gardener to protect your crops automatically (gardeners will not protect herbs or flowers).

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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bought at
Farming shopsMost farming patchesCoins 25.png 25N/AP2P icon.png
Vannah's Farming StallHosidius40Coins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 28P2P icon.png
Allanna's Farming ShopFarming Guild40Coins 25.png 40Coins 5.png 24P2P icon.png
Richard's Farming shop.Hemenster100Coins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 28P2P icon.png
Alice's Farming shop.Farm west of Port Phasmatys100Coins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 28P2P icon.png
Sarah's Farming shop.Farm south of Falador100Coins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 28P2P icon.png
Vanessa's Farming shop.Catherby100Coins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 28P2P icon.png
Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies.Troll Stronghold5Coins 25.png 52Coins 5.png 16P2P icon.png