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A plaster fragment is found in the In Aid of the Myreque quest when clearing the rubble in the basement of the pub in Burgh de Rott. If the player has no room for it, they will put it into a bucket of rubble and will have to find it in the rubble pile outside of the pub. This is also where it can be found again if the player loses it.

This item depicts the slaying of a vampyre by somebody using the Rod of ivandis, and gives the player a hint of the ingredients required for a Guthix balance potion.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Plaster fragment.

The plaster has some pictograms on it, which you make out to be a small map of Morytania. Within the map are depictions of seven figures near the Salve, near where the temple of Saradomin now stands.

One figure, the seventh, stands forwards of the other six and looks masculine. He seems to have an item in one hand which he holds aloft and in his other hand he holds some sort of container.

Emanating from the sky appear two rays of light; green, you think represents Guthix and silver represents Saradomin.

The seventh figure seems to be surrounded by this light.

All the figures depicted hold items, and some are commented. You see that someone holds a mace, another holds a cudgel.

The forward standing figure holds something called, 'Silvthrill', and yet another figure holds a sword. You also notice some signs representing chemical formulas which point to the container held by the figure standing forwards of the main group.

They represent the elements silver, garlic, harralander and the eggs of the red arachnid.

The figure seems to be administering this potion to a dark creature held in some sort of powerful force.

This is quite clearly an artist's impression of some moment in Morytania's history.