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This article is about the in-game booth. For the polls themselves, see Polls.
A poll booth. The small flag indicates a poll is live and that the player has not voted in it yet.
Poll booth icon.png

A poll booth is a piece of interactive scenery found in various locations around Gielinor, usually near banks. By interacting with it, you gain access to an interface allowing you to vote in polls.

Each poll will usually run for a duration of one week. To participate, you’ll need to be a member with a total skill level of at least 300 and a minimum total play-time of 25 hours in Old School RuneScape. Each poll can contain multiple questions which detail potential changes or content in-game. A question requires a 75% supermajority of Yes votes to pass, excluding Skip question votes.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 April 2020

The poll booth inside the Warrior's Guild has been removed.

26 March 2020

The poll booth within the Motherlode Mine has been removed.

16 July 2015

The poll booth history display has been rewritten to accommodate more polls without crashing. This feature will be made accessible once further testing has taken place on the live game worlds.

10 December 2014

The poll booths in Seers Village and in Ardougne south bank have been returned.