Pool of Dreams

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Pool of Dreams
Pool of Dreams.png
Released11 January 2018 (Update)
QuestDragon Slayer II
LocationMyths' Guild
ExamineIt looks magical.
Advanced data
Object ID31825

The Pool of Dreams is a small mystical pool found to the east on the Myths' Guild's ground floor[UK]1st floor[US].

Clicking the "Reminisce" option on the pool allows the player to challenge Galvek again after completion of the Dragon Slayer II quest, where dying is considered a safe death. Dying here will restore the player's stats, similar to the Pool of Refreshment. The Dream List next to the pool tracks the player's kill count and best kill times.

The pool also allows players to watch cutscenes from the quest, namely:

  1. The Flashback
  2. Zorgoth's Introduction
  3. Escaping the Vault
  4. The Fleet is Attacked
  5. The Fleet is Destroyed
  6. Arrival of Zorgoth and Galvek
  7. The Heroes Arrive
  8. The Final Fight Begins
  9. End of the Battle