Portal (Pest Control)

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The Portals are key features in the Pest Control minigame. They spawn monsters, and should be destroyed to win the game. There are four portals in one game of Pest Control, and players are ordered to destroy them in a random rotation. Their health is 200 hitpoints for a novice game, and 250 hitpoints for intermediate and veteran games. Killing one portal will heal the Void Knight in the centre by 50 hitpoints. The portals can be healed by Spinners, and players are advised to kill these before attacking the portal.

The weakness depends on the colour of the portal:

Colour Location Weakness
Purple portal icon.png West Range
Red portal icon.png South-west Crush
Yellow portal icon.png South-east Slash or Stab
Blue portal icon.png East Magic

At the start of a game, all four portals are given a shield, which makes the portal unattackable. Players will have to wait for the Void Knight to disable the shield before attacking. The first shield will go down 15 seconds into the game, and then the following shields will go down after 30 seconds.