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For the area containing the Abyssal Sires, see Abyssal Nexus.
A portal nexus room.

For a list of all items and upgrades within the Construction skill, see Construction/All milestones.

A portal nexus (added in an update on 08 November, 2018) is a room that can be built in a player-owned house. Only one Portal Nexus room can be built in a player-owned house. It requires level 72 Construction and costs 200,000 coins. Within a portal nexus room, players can build a portal nexus that can teleport the player to multiple locations around Gielinor. The cost of adding each teleport to the nexus is 1,000 times the rune cost of that spell.

There are four different hotspots available:

  • Portal Nexus
  • Amulet (x2)
  • Rug
  • Curtains

The lowest level a player can be to build this room is 67 Construction with an orange spicy stew (+5 boost).

Portal nexus[edit | edit source]

The portal nexus can be directed to teleport the player to multiple locations, and are constructed in upgrades: before a higher level portal nexus can be built, you must first build the one before it. The Grand Exchange prices in the table indicate individual costs.

Portal nexus Level Materials Experience GE price Teleports available
Marble portal nexus icon.png Marble portal nexus 72 4 marble blocks 2,000 1,318,124 4
Gilded portal nexus icon.png Gilded portal nexus 82 Marble portal nexus, 4 marble blocks, 2 gold leaves 2,600 1,585,568 8
Crystalline portal nexus icon.png Crystalline portal nexus 92 Gilded portal nexus, 2 magic stones, 2 gold leaves 2,600 2,220,712 18
Total 8 marble blocks, 4 gold leaves, 2 magic stones 7,200 5,124,404 -

Adding a teleport[edit | edit source]

The portal nexus, like portals in the Portal Chamber, can add eighteen possible locations, the limit depending on the tier of the portal nexus built. The table below shows the locations and their costs. However, instead of 100 times the materials required, players require 1,000 times the materials required.


  • Directing a portal requires the same Magic level and quest requirements (if any) as casting the teleport spell.
  • Players do not need to be on the same spellbook as the teleport spell they are directing (e.g. they can direct a portal to Kharyrll even if they are on the standard spellbook).
  • Elemental staves, combination runes, and runes in a rune pouch cannot be used.
  • Boosts such as Wizard mind bombs and Magic potions cannot be used to temporarily increase your Magic level.
  • The house owner does not have to be in building mode to add a destination.
  • If a player upgrades their portal nexus, all destinations in it from its previous version are saved. The runes do not have to be provided again.
Location Requirement Runes Total exchange price
Magic Quest
Varrock Teleport icon.png Varrock/Grand Exchange[1] Magic icon.png 25 None 1000Law1000Fire3000Air 239,000
Lumbridge Teleport icon.png Lumbridge Magic icon.png 31 None 1000Law1000Earth3000Air 239,000
Falador Teleport icon.png Falador Magic icon.png 37 None 1000Law1000Water3000Air 239,000
Camelot Teleport icon.png Camelot/Seers' Village[2] Magic icon.png 45 None 1000Law5000Air 244,000
Ardougne Teleport icon.png Ardougne Magic icon.png 51 Plague City 2000Law2000Water 448,000
Watchtower Teleport icon.png Watchtower/Yanille[3] Magic icon.png 58 Watchtower 2000Law2000Earth 448,000
Senntisten Teleport icon.png Senntisten (Digsite) Magic icon.png 60 Desert Treasure 1000Soul2000Law 584,000
Ape Atoll Teleport (standard) icon.png Marim (Ape Atoll) Magic icon.png 64 Recipe for Disaster 2000Law2000Fire2000Water1000Banana[4] 525,000
Kharyrll Teleport icon.png Kharyrll (Canifis) Magic icon.png 66 Desert Treasure 1000Blood2000Law 794,000
Moonclan Teleport icon.png Lunar Isle Magic icon.png 69 Lunar Diplomacy 1000Law2000Astral2000Earth 569,000
Kourend Castle Teleport icon.png Kourend Castle Magic icon.png 69 Read transportation incantations 2000Soul2000Law5000Fire4000Water 775,000
Waterbirth Teleport icon.png Waterbirth Island Magic icon.png 72 Lunar Diplomacy 1000Law2000Astral1000Water 564,000
Carrallangar Teleport icon.png Carrallangar (Graveyard of Shadows) Magic icon.png 84 Desert Treasure 2000Soul2000Law 730,000
Fishing Guild Teleport icon.png Fishing Guild Magic icon.png 85 Lunar Diplomacy 3000Law3000Astral10000Water 1,217,000
Catherby Teleport icon.png Catherby Magic icon.png 87 Lunar Diplomacy 3000Law3000Astral10000Water 1,217,000
Annakarl Teleport icon.png Annakarl (Demonic Ruins) Magic icon.png 90 Desert Treasure 2000Blood2000Law 1,150,000
Ghorrock Teleport icon.png Ghorrock (Frozen Waste Plateau) Magic icon.png 96 Desert Treasure 2000Law8000Water 478,000
Stony basalt icon.png Troll Stronghold N/A Making Friends with My Arm 3000Urt salt1000Te salt1000Basalt[4] 1,330,000
Total 30000Law8000Fire5000Earth38000Water14000Air
3000Urt salt1000Te salt1000Basalt[4]
  1. Players who have completed the Medium Varrock Diary can choose Grand Exchange as a destination on the teleport menu or as the default.
  2. Players who have completed the Hard Kandarin Diary can choose Seers' Village as a destination on the teleport menu or as the default.
  3. Players who have completed the Hard Ardougne Diary can choose Yanille as a destination on the teleport menu or as the default.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Bank notes for non-stackable items are accepted.

Customisation and usage[edit | edit source]

The Configuration menu on a portal nexus. The unlocked teleports are displayed in the Slots list.
The Teleport menu on a portal nexus, showing the keyboard options available.

Once players have built a portal nexus, they may customise the teleportation interface via the right-click Configuration option. Players will be able to drag and drop the various teleports unlocked into available slots and select which of these acts as the left-click option. The order in which these appear in the Slots list will affect the keyboard options on the right-click Teleport interface.

Within the Teleport interface, a list will be displayed, showing the teleports the player has unlocked, as well as the keyboard options to use them (which depends on how the player arranged them in the Configuration interface's Slots list). The keyboard option 1 will serve as the left-click option on the portal nexus. The Teleport interface can also be switched to Scry Mode, which uses the scrying pool's function to gaze into areas the player would be teleported to. To scry a location, click on the portal nexus within the interface.

Once players have paid for a teleport, it will be permanently unlocked to use freely, as long as the portal nexus exists and players keep them in the Slots list. In addition, players can rearrange teleports in the Slots list or change the left click option without any additional cost.

If players were to remove a teleport from the Slots list, remove the portal nexus or remove the entire room, runes will have to be consumed once more to unlock the teleports when the portal nexus is rebuilt. A confirmation message will appear should players attempt to do so.

Amulet[edit | edit source]

There are two separate slots to mount amulets from, one for each that can be mounted. Only one of each amulet can be mounted.

Item Level Materials Experience GE price
Mounted xeric's talisman icon.png Mounted xeric's talisman 72 1 mahogany plank, 1 gold leaf, 1 Xeric's talisman (inert), 5,000 lizardman fangs 500 190,702
Mounted digsite pendant icon.png Mounted digsite pendant 82 1 mahogany plank, 1 gold leaf, 1 curator's medallion 800 398,502

Rug[edit | edit source]

Rug Level Materials Experience GE price
Brown rug icon.png Brown rug 2 2 Bolts of cloth 30 1,966
Rug icon.png Rug 13 4 Bolts of cloth 60 3,932
Opulent rug icon.png Opulent rug 65 4 Bolts of cloth, 1 gold leaf 360 137,654

Curtains[edit | edit source]

Curtains Level Materials Experience GE price
Torn curtains icon.png Torn curtains 2 3 Planks, 3 Bolts of cloth, 3 nails 132 3,717
Curtains icon.png Curtains 18 3 Oak planks, 3 Bolts of cloth 225 4,155
Opulent curtains icon.png Opulent curtains 40 3 Teak planks, 3 Bolts of cloth 315 5,472

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The game cache reveals an item named "Portal nexus" Portal nexus.png, which was also shown by Mod Kieren jokingly as an equippable feet slot item[1]. It appears to be intended to be the icon that is displayed in the in-game Construction guide, but was replaced instead with the icon for the marble portal nexus.

References[edit | edit source]

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