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Portal Frames can be found inside of the Hallowed Sepulchre. The player can use runes to conjure the portal, and step through to reach the other side and loot the coffin. Conjuring the portal will reward 200 Magic Magic experience. Crossing through the portal will reward the player 50 to 80 Agility Agility experience, depending on the floor, with experience given for crossing both ways.

Failing to conjure the portal twice in a row will cause the portal frame to break, which prevents additional attempts at conjuring it (and accessing the coffin on the other side).

If equipped, the Hallowed focus will remove the failure rate of conjuring a portal.

Agility Info[edit | edit source]

Conjure[edit | edit source]

Pass[edit | edit source]

Name Magic Level Runes Success Rate
Lvl-1 Enchant 7 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Water rune Unknown
Lvl-2 Enchant 27 1 Cosmic rune, 3 Air runes Unknown
Lvl-3 Enchant 49 1 Cosmic rune, 5 Fire runes Unknown
Lvl-4 Enchant 57 1 Cosmic rune, 10 Earth runes Unknown
Lvl-5 Enchant 68 1 Cosmic rune, 15 Water runes, 15 Earth runes Unknown
Lvl-6 Enchant 87 1 Cosmic rune, 20 Earth runes, 20 Fire runes Unknown
Lvl-7 Enchant 93 1 Cosmic rune, 20 Blood runes, 20 Soul runes Unknown

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Hallowed Sepulchre Floor 5, Middle levelMember icon.png1Maplink
Hallowed Sepulchre Floor 4, Upper levelMember icon.png1Maplink
Hallowed Sepulchre Floor 3, Upper levelMember icon.png1Maplink

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
18 June 2020

The portals should now be slightly more helpful by attempting to put you in-range of them instead of saying "You can't reach that from here."