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Portal chamber
Portal chamber built.png
Released31 May 2006 (Update)
IconPortal chamber icon.png
Construction level50
Door layout
House hwall.png
House vwall.png
Portal chamber
House vwall.png
House h2door.png

A Portal chamber is a room that can be built in a player-owned house. It requires level 50 Construction and costs 100,000. Within a Portal Chamber, players can use their Magic skill to build portals that they and their guests can use to teleport to various locations around Gielinor.

There are 2 hotspots available:

Centrepiece[edit | edit source]

A focal centrepiece is required for the house owner to direct the portals. The higher level greater teleport focus and scrying pool are for cosmetic purpose only, meaning just a teleport focus will suffice for creating and using all portals. It can be removed after directing portals, to avoid having to walk around it on the way to the portals. The scrying pool can give players an amount of players that exist at the teleport destination, which may be useful for Deadman mode or teleporting to the wilderness.

Construction Level Centrepiece Materials Experience Cost
50 Teleport focus inventory image Teleport focus Limestone brick inventory imageLimestone brick x2 40 460
65 Greater teleport focus inventory image Greater teleport focus Marble block inventory imageMarble block 500 335,015
80 Scrying pool inventory image Scrying pool Marble block inventory imageMarble block x4 2,000 1,340,060

Portals[edit | edit source]

The higher tier versions are just cosmetic upgrades.

Construction Level Portal frame Materials Experience Cost
50 Teak portal inventory image Teak portal Teak plank inventory imageTeak plank x3 270 2,274
65 Mahogany portal inventory image Mahogany portal Mahogany plank inventory imageMahogany plank x3 420 5,973
80 Marble portal inventory image Marble portal Marble block inventory imageMarble block x3 1,500 1,005,045

Directing a portal[edit | edit source]

The house owner can use the centrepiece to direct portals to a specific teleport destination. The table below shows the possible locations and their costs.

A player directing a portal to a specific location.


  • Using the centrepiece will provide a list of portals numbered 1 to 3.
    • Clockwise: Door (12 o'clock), Portal 1 (3 o'clock), Portal 2 (6 o'clock), Portal 3 (9 o'clock).
  • Assigning a portal to a teleport destination costs 100 times the runes for that particular teleport spell.
  • Directing a portal requires the same Magic level and quest requirements as casting the spell.
  • The caster does not need to be on the same spellbook as the teleport spell they are directing. For example, a player can direct a portal to Kharyrll even if they are on the standard spellbook.
  • Elemental staves, combination runes, and runes in a rune pouch cannot be used.
  • Temporary skill boosts such as a magic potion or imbued heart can be used to direct a portal higher than the caster's Magic level.
  • Directing a portal grants five times the Magic experience that would be gained from casting the spell once. For example, a Camelot Teleport normally grants 55.5 experience, so directing a portal to Camelot will grant 277.5 experience.
  • The house owner does not have to be in building mode to direct a portal.
  • If a portal frame or centrepiece is removed, the portals themselves are saved and will return as soon as another portal frame or centrepiece is built in the same place. The runes do not have to be provided again.
  • Replacing a teleport with another one does not refund the runes and will require them again if you wish to switch back.
Location Requirements Runes GE Price Resulting Portal
Magic Quest
Arceuus Library Teleport Arceuus Library Magic 6 60% Arceuus favour 200Earth 100Law 14,300 Arceuus Library Portal.png
Draynor Manor Teleport Draynor Manor Magic 17 60% Arceuus favour 100Earth 100Water 100Law 14,300 Draynor Manor Portal.png
Battlefront Teleport Battlefront Magic 23 60% Arceuus favour 100Earth 100Fire 100Law 14,400 Battlefront Portal.png
Varrock Teleport Varrock Teleport (Varrock/Grand Exchange[c 1]) Magic 25 None 300Air 100Fire 100Law 15,400 Varrock Portal.png
Mind Altar Teleport Mind Altar Magic 28 60% Arceuus favour 100Law 200Mind 13,600 Mind Altar Portal.png
Lumbridge Teleport Lumbridge Magic 31 None 300Air 100Earth 100Law 15,300 Lumbridge Portal.png
Falador Teleport Falador Magic 37 None 300Air 100Water 100Law 15,300 Falador Portal.png
Salve Graveyard Teleport Salve Graveyard Magic 40 60% Arceuus favour 100Law 200Soul 50,500 Salve Graveyard Portal.png
Camelot Teleport Camelot Teleport (Camelot/Seers' Village[c 2]) Magic 45 None 500Air 100Law 15,800 Camelot Portal.png
Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport Fenkenstrain's Castle Magic 48 60% Arceuus favour 100Earth 100Law 100Soul 32,400 Fenkenstrain's Castle Portal.png
Ardougne Teleport East Ardougne Magic 51 Plague City 200Water 200Law 27,600 Ardougne Portal.png
Watchtower Teleport Watchtower Teleport (Watchtower/Yanille[c 3]) Magic 58 Watchtower 200Earth 200Law 27,600 Yanille Watchtower Portal.png
Senntisten Teleport Senntisten (Digsite) Magic 60 Desert Treasure 200Law 100Soul 45,200 Senntisten Portal.png
West Ardougne Teleport West Ardougne Magic 61 60% Arceuus favour, Biohazard 200Law 200Soul 63,800 West Ardougne Portal.png
Ape Atoll Teleport (standard) Marim (Ape Atoll) Magic 64 Recipe for Disaster 200Fire 200Water 200Law 100Banana [c 4] 34,900 Marim Portal.png
Harmony Island Teleport Harmony Island Magic 65 60% Arceuus favour, The Great Brain Robbery 100Law 100Nature 100Soul 44,400 Harmony Island Portal.png
Kharyrll Teleport Kharyrll (Canifis) Magic 66 Desert Treasure 100Blood 200Law 48,300 Kharyrll Portal.png
Moonclan Teleport Moonclan (Lunar Isle) Magic 69 Lunar Diplomacy 200Earth 200Astral 100Law 33,300 Lunar Isle Portal.png
Kourend Castle Teleport Kourend Castle Magic 69 Read transportation incantations 500Fire 400Water 200Law 200Soul 68,800 Kourend Portal.png
Cemetery Teleport Cemetery (The Forgotten Cemetery) Magic 71 60% Arceuus favour 100Blood 100Law 100Soul 53,600 Cemetery Portal.png
Waterbirth Teleport Waterbirth Island Magic 72 Lunar Diplomacy 100Water 200Astral 100Law 32,800 Waterbirth Island Portal.png
Barrows Teleport Barrows Magic 83 60% Arceuus favour 100Blood 200Law 200Soul 85,500 Barrows Portal.png
Carrallangar Teleport Carrallangar (Graveyard of Shadows) Magic 84 Desert Treasure 200Law 200Soul 63,800 Carrallangar Portal.png
Fishing Guild Teleport Fishing Guild Magic 85 Lunar Diplomacy 1000Water 300Astral 300Law 73,400 Fishing Guild Portal.png
Catherby Teleport Catherby Magic 87 Lunar Diplomacy 1000Water 300Astral 300Law 73,400 Catherby Portal.png
Annakarl Teleport Annakarl (Demonic Ruins) Magic 90 Desert Treasure 200Blood 200Law 70,000 Annakarl Portal.png
Ape Atoll Teleport (Arceuus) Ape Atoll Dungeon Magic 90 60% Arceuus favour, Monkey Madness I 200Blood 200Law 200Soul 107,200 Ape Atoll Dungeon Portal.png
Ghorrock Teleport Ghorrock (Frozen Waste Plateau) Magic 96 Desert Treasure 800Water 200Law 30,600 Ghorrock Portal.png
Stony basalt Troll Stronghold[c 5] N/A Making Friends with My Arm 100Basalt 100Te salt 300Urt salt[c 4] 80,900 Troll Stronghold Portal.png
Icy basalt Weiss N/A Making Friends with My Arm 100Basalt 100Te salt 300Efh salt [c 4] 83,300 Weiss Portal.png
Total 1400Air 1000Earth 900Fire 3900Water 4400Law
1000Astral 700Blood 200Mind 100Nature 1600Soul
100Banana 200Basalt 200Te salt 300Efh salt 300Urt salt[c 4]
  1. ^ Players who have completed the Medium Varrock Diary can change the destination to the Grand Exchange with a right-click option.
  2. ^ Players who have completed the Hard Kandarin Diary can change the destination to Seers' Village with a right-click option.
  3. ^ Players who have completed the Hard Ardougne Diary can change the destination to Yanille with a right-click option.
  4. ^ 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Bank notes for non-stackable items are accepted.
  5. ^ Teleports the player to outside the entrance of the Troll Stronghold cave. Players who have completed the Hard Fremennik Diary and who have 73 Agility (boosts work) will be teleported to the roof of the stronghold instead.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Poisoned players who go through a portal will have their poison cured upon arriving at their destination. This is because poison is always cured when leaving a player-owned house, as otherwise a sneaky house owner could poison another player in their combat ring and expel them right before they die in order to try to steal their items in a time with more punitive death mechanics.
  • With a little patience or luck, players can use a spicy stew to boost their Construction by 5 in order to construct the Portal Chamber with as low as 45 Construction. Then they can use the crystal saw's invisible +3 boost to construct the teleport focus and portals before their boosted level falls below 47.
  • Building the same portal twice and switching the destination (e.g. switching Varrock to the Grand Exchange with the medium Varrock diary) on one of them will cause both portals' destinations to switch.
  • The following teleport spells cannot currently be made into portals:
Teleport to House inventory image Teleport to House
Trollheim Teleport inventory image Trollheim Teleport
Paddewwa Teleport inventory image Paddewwa Teleport
Lassar Teleport inventory image Lassar Teleport
Dareeyak Teleport inventory image Dareeyak Teleport
Ourania Teleport inventory image Ourania Teleport
Barbarian Teleport inventory image Barbarian Teleport
Khazard Teleport inventory image Khazard Teleport
Ice Plateau Teleport inventory image Ice Plateau Teleport
Respawn Teleport inventory image Respawn Teleport

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
7 April 2021

Whilst we continue to investigate reports of the Scrying Pool and Portal Nexus not working as intended, "Scry" mode will now reveal how many players are in a specific location.

16 January 2020
(update | poll)

Arceuus and Weiss teleports added to the Portal Nexus and Portal Room.

21 May 2015

Mahogany camelot portals in POHs no longer default to the Seers bank coordinates.