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Pot-boiler (Empty).png
Released10 April 2006 (Update)
QuestRag and Bone Man I
Rag and Bone Man II
LocationNear the Odd Old Man
ExamineCovered in a thick layer of grease.
Advanced data
Object ID14006

The Pot-boiler is interactive scenery that can be found next to the Odd Old Man. It is used in the Rag and Bone Man I and Rag and Bone Man II quests to clean bones. In order to do so, players must place logs below the pot-boiler, add a bone in vinegar to the top of the boiler, and then light the logs with a tinderbox. After 12 seconds, the bone will be clean and the player may collect it. It should be noted that the logs put under the boiler do not have to be normal logs.