Pot of tea (clay)

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A pot of tea is an item used to make a cup of tea in the kitchen of a player-owned house allowing the player to temporarily boost Construction by up to 3 levels. Players can obtain this item by using a hot kettle with a teapot with leaves. When made, a pot of tea has four doses. Players must use the pot of tea on a clay cup or porcelain cup producing a cup of tea to make the tea drinkable. Complete directions on how to make tea can be found here.

Note: If a player leaves the house in any way, then this item will disappear from their inventory.

A pot of tea comes in three different colours depending on the shelf that the teapot was taken from. A clay teapot can be taken from Wooden shelves 1 (6 Construction), Wooden shelves 2 (12 Construction), and Oak shelves 1 (34 Construction). Despite the different teapots, the boost only depends on the type of cup used.