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Prayer cape is a Cape of Accomplishment that can only be worn by players who have achieved a Prayer level of 99. It can be purchased from Brother Jered, upstairs in the Monastery west of Edgeville. The cape and its corresponding hood costs 99,000 coins to purchase.

A player performing the prayer cape's emote.

Like all skill capes, the Prayer cape gives +9 to all defensive stats, and also a +4 bonus to prayer if it is trimmed, which requires a separate skill at level 99. The cape is automatically trimmed if this condition is met.

When the prayer cape is equipped or in the inventory, it will act as a holy wrench. Given the cape's level requirement to equip, this equates to 2 extra prayer points for each dose of prayer potion consumed. However, the effects will not stack with a holy wrench or a ring of the gods (i).

As of 1 September 2020, there are 60,071 current members that have achieved level 99 in Prayer.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
3 December 2015
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The Prayer cape acts as if you are carrying a holy wrench (this does not stack with the holy wrench or ring of the gods).