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Activating quick prayers

Prayer points are a measure of the player's ability to use prayers and are measured in whole-point increments. A player's maximum, unboosted number of prayer points is equal to their Prayer level. Prayer points can be restored a number of ways including praying at an altar, using a rejuvination pool (or better) in a player-owned house, or drinking a dose of a prayer potion.

The player's current prayer points are displayed on the game's skills tab and are displayed by the minimap if the Data orb option is toggled on. The number of prayer points the player has remaining is an indication of how long a player can use prayers before having to restore them. The player can left-click on the prayer orb to begin using quick prayers, or the player can right-click on the prayer orb to set up their desired quick prayers.

The player's maximum prayer points can be raised permanently by leveling up the prayer skill or temporarily with boosts (e.g. by using the ancient mace or the Eldritch nightmare staff).

Using Prayer points[edit | edit source]

Prayer points start at the player's Prayer level by default and are lowered as the player uses prayers. The rate at which prayer points go down decreases as the player's prayer bonus goes up. Each point of prayer bonus slows the drain rate by 3.33% of the regular drain rate of the prayer(s). A general formula for the time (interval) between dropping prayer points with a given prayer bonus is:

Where the drain interval is the number of seconds per point (i.e. 1 point per x seconds). See Prayer bonus for more information. See Prayer items for information on which items give prayer bonuses.

When the player's prayer points reach 0, their prayers will turn off, and they will have to use some method of restoring prayer points before prayers can be used again. Players should take care to ensure their prayer points do not run out in the middle of combat or other dangerous situations.

Prayer flicking[edit | edit source]

Because of the integer (rather than continuous) nature of prayer points and the setup of the game's timing system into ticks, a player can avoid using prayer points by using a method known as "flicking" between game ticks. Using prayer flicking can be advantageous in certain monster killing situations such as the Inferno or the TzHaar Fight Cave where players can only bring in a limited number of prayer-restoring items (limited to one inventory worth).

Recovering Prayer points[edit | edit source]

Players can recharge their prayer points to maximum using an altar. There are several altars around Gielinor which are identified with an altar Altar icon.png icon on the world map and minimap. See Altar for a comprehensive list of free-to-play and members altars.

Players can also use consumable items such as prayer potions, super restores, or Sanfew serums to restore prayer points away from an altar. Certain weapons have special attacks that can be used to restore prayer points during combat including the ancient mace, Saradomin godsword, and Eldritch nightmare staff.

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