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Released 5 January 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 55
Drain rate 3 points per minute
Effect Boosted stats last 50% longer.
Sound Effect

Preserve is a forgotten prayer that requires a Prayer level of 55 to activate. To unlock this prayer, players must read the torn prayer scroll, which can be obtained as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric or from other players.

Preserve must be active for at least 15 seconds in order to take effect. After this time, if a player's boosted stat would drain, the boost will be extended by another 30 seconds. Because boosted stats normally drain at 1 point per minute, this prayer allows boosted stats to last 50% longer. This makes it possible to decrease the consumption of stat boosting foods and potions, which is effective in situations where inventory space is critical and the player wants to bring as much food as possible, such as difficult bosses or the Fight Caves/Inferno. It is especially useful due to its low Prayer point drain rate of only 3 points per minute.

As overload potions automatically reapply their stat boosts every 15 seconds, Preserve's use is limited in Nightmare Zone and Chambers of Xeric. In addition, because it must be activated 15 seconds before a stat drain, flicking Preserve provides no benefit.

Preserve does not impact the duration of any divine potions.

Though the boost from the Imbued Heart is re-applicable every seven minutes, Preserve will, in fact, work on its magic level boosting capabilities. Because of this interaction, a player is able to reuse the Imbued Heart when their magic level drops five levels below its potted maximum as opposed to seven levels below potted maximum without preserve. Divine Magic and Divine Battlemage potions will only keep the magic level of the user steady at +4 maximum, whereas above 90 magic, the Imbued Heart and preserve will allow for a minimum of boost of +5 rendering the divine potions obsolete in terms of magic boosting capability.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
13 July 2017
(update | poll)

The prayer drain rate was reduced from five to three prayer points per minute and the stat boost bonus time was raised from 20% to 50%.

12 January 2017

The torn prayer scroll was made separate from the rarer prayer scroll that would unlock Rigour and Augury so that the cost of Preserve would not be tied to the much higher cost to unlock the other two prayers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • RuneScape has a similar prayer in the Ancient Curses prayer book, Berserker, although it is less effective: it keeps boosted stats 15% longer (essentially delaying stat drain by nine seconds) and drains prayer at faster rate, equivalent to five points per minute in Old School RuneScape.