Priest in Peril

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Priest in Peril is the first quest to take place in Morytania, and is required to enter the region. At the command of King Roald, you must head to the temple of Paterdomus to aid the monk Drezel with recovering the temple.

Details[edit | edit source]

Priest in Peril Quest Legend
Map Showing the Priest in Peril Quest Legend:
1: King Roald, 2: The temple (with Monk of Zamorak (level 30) and Drezel), 3: Dungeon (with Temple guardian (level 30) and Drezel at the end of quest), a: Bucket (upstairs), b: Bucket in general store (2 coins), c: Bank or Rune essence mine (Requires Rune Mysteries), A: Quest Area (Area to travel, from begin to end, all items can be found in or along path), B: Safespot for Temple guardian

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Beginning the quest[edit | edit source]

Items required: Combat equipment.

Recommended: A Varrock teleport.

Start this quest at Varrock Palace by talking to King Roald. He tells you that contact has been lost with the temple and wants you to go and check it out for him.

The entrance to the temple.

The temple is located east of Varrock. Go through the wooden gate northeast of the east exit by the Earth Altar. Then, follow the path to the temple. Click on the temple doors and someone will ask what you want and who you are. Tell them you are sent by King Roald. After some whispering they will ask you to kill a dog. Agree to it.

The dungeon[edit | edit source]

Climb down the dungeon entrance north of the temple, then kill the level 30 temple guardian. You cannot use Magic. The temple guardian can be safespotted using an inside corner of the room by moving one square east after attacking the dog with ranged after coming down the ladder. After killing the dog go back up the ladder.

Dungeon rooms:

  1. Ladder to the trapdoor at the surface
  2. Entrance chamber with a level 30 temple guardian beast - The player must slay the beast during this quest. After the quest, the beast is not aggressive and cannot be fought.
  3. Gate leading deeper into the mausoleum
  4. Main chamber of the mausoleum - The centre of the mausoleum has the graves of the Seven Priestly Warriors, as well as a well that supplies holy water from the River Salve.
  5. Staircase to the Columbarium
  6. Gate to Drezel's chamber
  7. Drezel's chamber
  8. Holy barrier holding back Morytanian invaders from entering the mausoleum

Returning to King Roald[edit | edit source]

Items required: None.

Head back to Varrock Palace, using a Varrock teleport (optional) and talk to King Roald again. King Roald becomes enraged, and explains that the dog was guarding the palace from attack. He instructs you to go back and fix it right away. If you don't have one, grab the bucket from above the kitchen, or buy one from the general store.

Back to the temple[edit | edit source]

Items required: 50 Unnoted rune or pure essence, an empty bucket, combat equipment and 1 free inventory space.

Recommended: Runecrafting pouches and Varrock teleports.

Note: due to your inventory only having a capacity of 28 spaces, you will most likely have to do this part in 2 trips, unless you have Runecrafting pouches. It is suggested to bring 24 essence the first trip along with the other necessary items, then banking and returning with 26 essence and enough space for runes to teleport.

Travel east, and knock on the temple door again. This time, the door swings open. Kill one of the level 30 Monks of Zamorak to get a golden key.

Note: these monks can hit hard with their Magic (though they can be safespotted using the church pews). It may be wise to use prayers to assist your fight, as there is an altar in the room you can recharge with.

After receiving the key, go to the top floor using the flight of stairs, then climbing the ladder in the southwest corner, and use the talk-through option found on the cell door to talk to Drezel. Ask him to tell you about the holy river. Next, go back down the trap door into the dungeon. With the golden key in your inventory, you can pass through the gate in the Paterdomus dungeon where the guardian was located earlier. After traversing the path, you will see some monuments. Study them; you will notice one of them has an iron key in it. Use the golden key on it to swap keys. After obtaining the iron key, use your bucket on the well to fill it with murky water.

  • Note: You can swap any of the golden monuments with the regular version of that item. If you would like to do this, you will need a pot, a feather, a candle, a tinderbox, a needle, and a hammer, and use the right item on the golden monument of that item. This cannot be done after completing this stage of the quest. The golden items have no actual use (for example, the Golden tinderbox cannot be used to light fires), although they can be converted into coins with Low or High alchemy.
The player pours the bucket of blessed water on the coffin, trapping the vampyre within.

Go back to the top floor of the temple, and use the iron key on the cell door. Then, go inside, and talk to Drezel. You will find out that the water is not blessed. He will then bless the bucket of water that you filled earlier and give it back to you. Use it on the coffin to seal the vampyre. Talk to Drezel again and he will tell you to meet him in the dungeon. Go meet Drezel in the dungeon and hand over all of the essence you brought with you before returning to the bank to get the rest.

Now, return to the bank and get a full inventory of rune essence or pure essence. Note that it needs to be unnoted essence! Return to the dungeon's monument room, and then go through the gate past it. You will find Drezel there. Talk to him, he will tell you he needs 50 rune essence or pure essence. Give him your inventory of essence. You can use more than one trip to bring Drezel the full 50 essence.

Quest complete!

Note: You need to talk to Drezel one more time to be able to pass the barrier to Morytania.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Priest in Peril reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Priest in Peril is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
24 March 2021

Quest points are now correctly awarded when Priest in Peril becomes complete, even if the player does not subsequently receive Drezel's warning about the perils of Morytania.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Drezel will appear in the Mausoleum before he escapes his cell, but is unreachable until he is freed.
  • If you have a clue scroll which requires speaking with Drezel before you have met him in the Mausoleum, talking to him in the Mausoleum will trigger the clue scroll prior to proceeding with the quest.