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Iorwerth Camp

Prifddinas (pronounced prive-THEE-nuss, Welsh pronunciation preef-THEE-nuss) is the city of the elves and the capital city of Tirannwn. Located just north of Isafdar, the city is the oldest surviving settlement on Gielinor, being created in the First Age. In order to enter the city, the quest Song of the Elves must be completed.

While outside Prifddinas, it will appear as if there's nothing there when looking from outside the city walls. This is revealed by Baxtorian to be one of the security measures put in place during the God Wars.

History[edit | edit source]

Initial settlement[edit | edit source]

Prifddinas was built by the elves after they were led to Gielinor through the World Gate by their crystalline goddess, Seren, and Guthix, the god of balance, in the First Age. The elves settled in Tirannwn, a large wooded area west of a mountain range which isolated it from the rest of the continent. The eight Elven Clans constructed their city in a clearing north of the Isafdar forest, where she had already created the Tower of Voices.

Seren then provided a special seed for each of the eight clans, telling them that they should be planted in the centre of each of their districts. Doing so, these seeds grew into the towers which can be seen today near the edges of the city.

God Wars and Seren's departure[edit | edit source]

During the remainder of the First and Second Age, Prifddinas would remain isolated from the rest of the world, thanks to the mountain range east of Tirannwn making it difficult for others to cross. However, with the God Wars raging across the mountains, fear that the armies of the gods may eventually reach the gates of Prifddinas, the Amlodd Clan built The Gauntlet to help train the elves into the finest warriors and survivalists.

Eventually, a demon named Zalcano made her way to Tirannwn in search of her brother, Skotizo, who killed his expedition team after obtaining an ancient artefact within the Karamjan Temple that was intended to be delivered to Zamorak. The elves initially feared that she would be the first of many, but soon found out she was working alone and was under a curse laid by Zamorak that turned her into stone. With the help of several elven clans, she was captured in order for the Trahaearn Clan to study her.

Following the end of the God Wars, Guthix put in place the Edicts of Guthix, which banished the warring younger gods from Gielinor. He visited Seren last, who conceded that she was unable to depart from her followers, as doing so would lead to their death: this is due to the Song of Creation, created before the elves arrival on Gielinor, which inexplicably tied the souls of the elves to Seren and prevented Seren from departing from the elves for prolonged periods of time, as doing so would lead to illness and eventual death of the elves.

Unable to part from her followers, Seren exploded into a shower of crystals, leaving the elves without Seren's guidance for the first time in thousands of years. Crystals of Seren were left scattered across the forests of Isafdar.

The Break Out[edit | edit source]

When the Fourth Age commenced, The Break Out occurred amongst the elves and a pass over the mountain range, Arandar, was built. Many travelled east, exploring the lands that are now Kandarin. Spearheaded by the legendary King Baxtorian, the expedition formed non-aggression pacts with the humans and gnomes in the area, although they failed to form treaties with the Bandosians due to a civil war between them taking place. Soon, the elves permanently settled in the newly acquired area, marking the creation of the first major elven settlement outside Prifddinas.

With Baxtorian's kingdom secured, it was decided that the Cadarn Clan, who were a clan of skilled warriors and hunters, should be the first to settle in the eastern realm; the other followed suit soon afterwards after seeing how much wealth was coming over Arandar. Within a few decades of the The Break Out, the elves had created many settlements and trade agreements between the gnomes and humans.

The Great Divide[edit | edit source]

In Year 1930 of the Fourth Age, due to the absence of the Cadarn Clan and the other settlers, the Iorwerth Clan betrayed the other clans and invaded and occupied Prifddinas, brutally slaughtering thousands of elves and taking full control of the city and the Tower of Voices. Once all contact with Prifddinas was lost, and the gates of the Arandar mountain pass no longer being accessible, King Baxtorian called an emergency council and decided to send a scouting party of five to Tirannwn through the Underground Pass. Only one elf, Adwr Cadarn, returned to report of the civil war.

In an attempt to restore peace, Baxtorian launched a campaign to liberate the city from Lord Iorwerth. The elves attempted to recapture the city, which ended disastrously in 1935 with many Cadarn dead. This left the few survivors stranded in Isafdar (notably Lletya, a small, hidden village the refugees erected), where they fought as rebels.

Despite this, King Baxtorian was able to safely evacuate the elven clan leaders from the city, who convened in the Grand Library to perform a ritual to revert the city into a crystal seed, forcing Lord Iorwerth to settle in a camp outside of its walls. The elven clan leaders then went their separate ways, giving Baxtorian vague hints of their whereabouts should Prifddinas be ready to be restored.

Prifddinas' Regrowth[edit | edit source]

In 169 of the Fifth Age, the rebel elves, led by Arianwyn, asked a human adventurer who'd found their way to Tirannwn and had been tricked by Lord Iorwerth and King Lathas to investigate the activities of the mourners in West Ardougne. This led the adventurer to the long-forgotten Temple of Light, whose safeguard they restored to stop the Prifddinas Death Guard.

After the execution of King Lathas and expelling the mourners from West Ardougne, the adventurer and Elena were captured by the Iorwerth elves and brought to their camp to be taken prisoner; however, Arianwyn and the rebel elves appeared to rescue the two.

Lord Iorwerth will reveal that he lied to King Lathas to access West Ardougne in order to reach the Temple of Light to revive Seren. Arianwyn refutes this, believing Seren to be dead; Lord Iorwerth thought the same, until he managed to break one of the seals in the Grand Library, where he discovered a part of Seren remains trapped within the Temple. He will let the rebels go, believing they could be of use in their plans while they are none the wiser.

Returning to Lletya, it is decided that the adventurer and Arianwyn will investigate the Waterfall Dungeon to see whether King Baxtorian left anything behind that would explain more about the fragment of Seren. Upon solving a riddle he left behind, the statue of Baxtorian is discovered to be Baxtorian himself, who sealed himself in stone. Returning to Lletya, Baxtorian believes there may be a way to enter the Grand Library via the use of a specially made potion and bypassing the city walls, which have been enchanted so that only Iorwerth elves and their allies can enter; Baxtorian believes Lord Amlodd, an expert in magic, would be able to break the spell.

The adventurer is then assigned to search for the remaining clan elders. After finding Lord Amlodd and Lady Trahaearn, the adventurer is chosen to enter the Grand Library to discover what Lord Iorwerth is planning. The player discovers the broken seal, which prove that he was telling the truth, and proceeds the break the other eight seals, discovering about the consequences of Seren's Song of Creation, and her attempts to reverse the curse she had unintentionally placed on her elves, with the darkest parts of her being combined with death energy from the death altar. Unsuccessful, she sealed this part of her in the temple, adding an additional layer of protection in the form of an orb of light, which is found on Gorlah, a shrine north of the city.

Reporting back at Lletya, everyone will be shocked by the revelations; Arianwyn will then ask Baxtorian to temporarily lead. Ysgawyn will search for the orb of light on Gorlah, while the adventurer searches for Lord Crwys and Lady Hefin. It is discovered that the Iorwerth had already claimed the orb of light, and was promptly recovered by the adventurer until Iestin Edern, who has been secretly acting as an informant for Ysgawyn, informs that Lord Iorwerth has discovered Lletya via a traitor among the rebel elves, and told him how to find the village.

During the attack on Lletya, Baxtorian is forced to return the orb of light and it is discovered that Arianwyn was the traitor, who turned once he discovered that the Iorwerth truly wished to return Seren, and had informed Lord Iorwerth of the entrance into the Temple of Light. After the Iorwerth leave, Baxtorian sends the adventurer to seek Lady Ithell and Lady Meilyr, who both travel to the Underground Pass.

What remains of the rebel elves are sent to the dwarven camp in the Underground Pass to defend the entrance to the Temple of Light. Despite all their efforts, Lord Iorwerth succeeds in freeing the Fragment of Seren, and the adventurer is forced to defeat it. After this, the city is fully restored, the Iorwerth Clan is pardoned by the elves for their actions, who realised they served Lord Iorwerth because they had no choice. Despite this, there is still mistrust for them. Arianwyn, who is ridden by his guilt of betrayal, leaves after helping rebuild Lletya and seeing Prifddinas.

Thanks to the actions of the adventurer, it is decided by the clan elders to open up the city to all races, though it was decided that only a small portion of the Grand Library would be opened to them. With other races visiting the city, new additions from far and wide have been added to the Grand Library's bookshelves.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Features[edit | edit source]

Prifddinas was constructed after the elves arrived in Gielinor from Tarddiad, their homeworld, during the First Age. It is divided into eight districts, one for each of the clans who helped build the city, with the Tower of Voices as the centre. This is the only place where Crystal Implings can be found, which can rarely spawn in various locations across the city.

Tower of Voices[edit | edit source]

Main article: Tower of Voices
The upper level of the Tower of Voices.

The Tower of Voices is found in the centre of the city, and is named as such because in the Tower, it is said that the elves can speak directly to one of the fragments of their goddess, Seren, who chose to shatter herself rather than be forced to leave Gielinor when the Edicts of Guthix were put in place following the God Wars.

It has several features:

The following NPCs can be found in the Tower of Voices, as well as upstairs:

Grand Library[edit | edit source]

Main article: Grand Library
The Grand Library of the elves.

The Grand Library is a massive library accessed from the teleport platform upstairs in the Tower of Voices. Here, players arrive at the publicly accessible part of the Grand Library, unlike the parts that were visited during Song of the Elves.

Players can search the bookshelves to obtain texts found during the elven quest series, as well as fourteen texts that can only be found within the Grand Library.

The following NPCs can be found in the Grand Library:

Meilyr district[edit | edit source]

The Meilyr district of the city.

The Meilyr Clan, led by Lady Ffion Meilyr, is the elven clan of explorers and herbalists.

The Meilyr district is located in the northeastern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Meilyr district:

Crwys district[edit | edit source]

The Crwys district of the city.

The Crwys Clan, led by Lord Piquan Crwys, is the elven clan of farmers and botanists.

The Crwys district is located in the northeastern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Crwys district:

Cadarn district[edit | edit source]

The Cadarn district of the city.

The Cadarn Clan, led by Lord Baxtorian Cadarn, is the elven clan of warriors and hunters.

The Cadarn district is located in the southeastern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Cadarn district:

Trahaearn district[edit | edit source]

The Trahaearn district of the city.

The Trahaearn Clan, led by Lady Tangwen Trahaearn, is the elven clan of miners and smiths.

The Trahaearn district is located in the southeastern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Trahaearn district:

Iorwerth district[edit | edit source]

The Iorwerth district of the city.

The Iorwerth Clan, led by Lord Iestin Iorwerth, is the elven clan of slayers and assassins.

The Iorwerth district is located in the southwestern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Iorwerth district:

Ithell district[edit | edit source]

The Ithell district of the city.

The Ithell Clan, led by Lady Kelyn Ithell, is the elven clan of builders and crystal singers.

The Ithell district is located in the southwestern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Ithell district:

Amlodd district[edit | edit source]

The Amlodd district of the city.

The Amlodd Clan, led by Lord Ieuan Amlodd, is the elven clan of shamans and mystics.

The Amlodd district is located in the northwestern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Amlodd district:

Hefin district[edit | edit source]

The Hefin district of the city.

The Hefin Clan, led by Lady Carys Hefin, is the elven clan of spiritualists and monks.

The Hefin district is located in the northwestern part of the city and features the following:

The following NPCs can be found in the Hefin district:

Music[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
Architects of Prifddinas Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
Dance of the Meilyr Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
Elven Guardians Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
Faith of the Hefin Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
The Gauntlet Unlocked upon entering The Gauntlet
Iorwerth's Lament Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
Mystics of Nature Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
The Seed of Crwys Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
Sharp End of the Crystal Unlocked upon entering the Iorwerth Dungeon
The Spurned Demon Unlocked during the fight with Zalcano
The Tower of Voices Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas
Trahaearn Toil Unlocked upon entering Prifddinas

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prifddinas translates to "capital city" in Welsh.
  • Unlike other locations in RuneScape, Prifddinas' music will randomly shuffle between the eight tracks whenever a player logs on even if they do not move.
  1. There are three mahogany trees in the area, but one is inaccessible.