Prifddinas Agility Course

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Mini-map Location
The portal that occasionally appears.

The Prifddinas Agility Course is an agility course available to players with an Agility level of 75 or over. It can be started by climbing the ladder just outside of the north-western bank in Prifddinas.

This agility course is unique to other courses, in that portals which act as shortcuts appear at various points throughout running the course. There are a total of 6 possible unique portal locations, and only one will appear per lap. Using these shortcuts, which are unique to each player, slightly increases the experience gained. Each lap duration is on average 74 seconds long. The portal shortcuts can bring this duration down by around 5-10 seconds, depending on the location in which the portal spawns. Use of these gives 82 experience and, on average, adds an additional 55.4 experience per lap. Players can speak to Ystwyth to find out statistics about the course. These include how many laps the player has completed, the player's personal best lap completion, the total amount of laps completed, and the fastest lap completion time by a player.

Players can expect to find roughly 15 crystal shards per hour when training (the probability is about 1/3 per portal approximately). These shards will automatically appear in the player's inventory. Note, as the course is not a 'rooftop' course, no marks of grace can be obtained here.

Players can expect an experience rate of approximately 65k xp/hr at level 90 Agility with the usage of portal shortcuts.

Obstacles[edit | edit source]

Experience per obstacle
Image Obstacle Experience
Prifddinas Agility Course 1.png Ladder 11.5
Prifddinas Agility Course 2.png Tightrope 30.7
Prifddinas Agility Course 3.png Jump chimney 28.1
Prifddinas Agility Course 4.png Jump roof edge 23.0
Prifddinas Agility Course 5.png Enter dark hole 11.5
Prifddinas Agility Course 6.png Ladder 0
Prifddinas Agility Course 7.png Rope bridge 25.6
Prifddinas Agility Course 8.png Tightrope 30.7
Prifddinas Agility Course 9.png Rope bridge 25.6
Prifddinas Agility Course 10.png Tightrope 30.7
Prifddinas Agility Course 11.png Tightrope 30.7
Prifddinas Agility Course 12.png Dark hole 1037.1
Total 1,285.2 or ~1340.6 with use of portals

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
1 August 2019
(update | poll)
The Agility Course XP rates have been increased from 56k xp/hr at level 90 when not using shortcuts and 62k xp/hr when using shortcuts to 60k and 66k, respectively.

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