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The progress hat is a magical, talking hat used to keep track of the player's pizazz points obtained from the Mage Training Arena. It is required to be worn or held in the inventory in order to participate in any of the activities in the Mage Training Arena. If lost, another one can be obtained for free from the Entrance Guardian.

The player can talk to the hat to check the number of points they have in each activity. It replies with a grumpy attitude but will tell the player anyway. The hat has a maximum point storage limit, as follows:

  • 4000 Graveyard Pizazz Points
  • 4000 Telekinetic Pizazz Points
  • 8000 Alchemist Pizazz Points
  • 16000 Enchantment Pizazz Points
Progress hat chathead2.png

The hat will glow brighter in order to show you how many points you have gained. There are three stages: dull, energised, and full. It becomes energised when it contains at least 300 of each of the four types of pizazz points, and full at 600. Despite the "full" threshold being at 600 points, as mentioned before you can store far more than this amount in the hat.

Oddly, in spite of being a magical, talking hat, it provides no stat bonuses.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
6 – 21 November 2006

The item was recoloured slightly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The progress hat may be a reference to the talking Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series.
  • Although the name while worn or in your inventory is progress hat, in chat its name is Pizazz Hat.
  • Prior to an update on 16 November 2017, destroying the progress hat meant that the player lost all their pizazz points.