Protection prayers

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Protection prayers are often used to refer to the three "Protect from x" prayers that could nullify or mitigate damage from incoming attacks of the respective combat style or discipline from monsters or players. These are available in both free-to-play and pay-to-play.

Prayer Level Prayer Effect Drain Rate Drain Effect
37 Protect from Magic.png Protect from Magic Protects against magic attacks 1 point per 3 seconds 12
40 Protect from Missiles.png Protect from Missiles Protects against ranged attacks 1 point per 3 seconds 12
43 Protect from Melee.png Protect from Melee Protects against melee attacks 1 point per 3 seconds 12

You can only have one protection prayer active at a time. Protection prayers provide only a 40% damage reduction in PVP. Against non-player characters, protection prayers block all damage in most circumstances, though some bosses (typically high-levelled) have attacks that can deal partial or full damage through them.

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