Pump (Blast Furnace)

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Pump (Blast Furnace).png
Released23 August 2005 (Update)
ExamineUsed to pump hot air through the furnace.
Advanced data
Object ID9090

The pump is part of the Blast furnace minigame. It pumps hot air from the stove to the Melting Pot. Operating the pump yields 2 Strength experience every tick.

On official blast furnace worlds, a dwarf named Pumpy operates the pump while other dwarves operate the rest of the blast furnace for an hourly cost of 72,000 coins.

It is used to train Strength for 12,000 experience per hour without gaining any Hitpoints experience. The current unofficial world for this is 302. World 302 typically has 15-30+ players on it at any given time using the blast furnace for strength experience.

Strength info[edit | edit source]

Pump (Blast Furnace)
Level requiredStrength 30
Strength XP2 xp
Time1 tick