Pumpkin pie

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Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin pie.png
Released20 October 2021 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineThe best pumpkin pie in Gielinor[sic]
Value12 coins
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight0.45 kg
Advanced data
Item ID26247
Pumpkin pie detail.png

The pumpkin pie is an unobtainable item used during the 2021 Halloween event. In order to distract the Cook in the Blue Moon Inn, the player orders this meal and loudly insults the food, causing the chef to leave the kitchen.

Although the item can be seen on a table during the cutscene, it cannot actually be obtained. Ending the cutscene with an empty inventory slot will cause the player to receive a pie dish.

The item could originally be bought and sold on the Grand Exchange due to an oversight, but was never listed on the Grand Exchange Database. Some people were able to obtain the Pumpkin pie through glitches, and sell it for very high prices. As a result of this exploit, it was made untradeable in a hotfix, then delisted from the Grand Exchange altogether.

With the end of the event, the pie was removed from the inventories of any players who still had them. However, they were not removed from any uncollected Grand Exchange offers, and are therefore still in the game.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
3 November 2021

The item has been removed from all players' inventories, but remained if stored in any previous uncollected Grand Exchange offers.

27 October 2021
  • The item was removed from the Grand Exchange, and all existing offers were cancelled.
  • The item could no longer be turned into banknotes, even though it was unbankable to begin with.
24/25 October 2021

The item was made untradeable on the Grand Exchange, but could still be searched.

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