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CastleTreeTrollTree (elite)ZulrahCerberusGnome childTheatre of Blood
Puzzle box (hard)
Puzzle box castle.png
Released5 May 2004 (Update)
Quest itemNo
DestroyAre you sure you want to destroy the puzzle box? You will have to start another.
ExamineI need to solve this!
Value100 coins
High alch60 coins
Low alch40 coins
Weight0.1 kg
Advanced data
Item ID2795,2798,2800,12579,12588,19891,19911,23171
Puzzle box castle detail.png
Puzzle box tree detail.png
Puzzle box troll detail.png
Puzzle box (elite) detail.png
Puzzle box zulrah detail.png
Puzzle box cerberus detail.png
Puzzle box gnome child detail.png
Puzzle box (Theatre of Blood) detail.png

Puzzle boxes can be obtained by doing clue scrolls. Before you are able to continue with your clue scroll, you will have to complete the puzzle.

Solved puzzles[edit | edit source]

Castle Tree Troll
Castle puzzle solved.png Tree puzzle solved.png Troll puzzle solved.png
Zulrah Cerberus Gnome child
Zulrah puzzle solved.png Cerberus puzzle solved.png Gnome child puzzle solved.png
Theatre of Blood
Theatre of Blood puzzle solved.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 July 2022

The colour of the Theatre of Blood master clue sliding puzzle background is now easier to differentiate from the sliding pieces.

6 March 2014

The item was renamed from "Puzzle box" to "Puzzle box (difficulty)".