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PvP world icon.png PvP worlds (also known as Player-versus-Player worlds) are a type of themed servers that allow players to engage in combat almost everywhere. On these worlds, players may attack each other within all locations outside of safe zones, which include banks and respawn areas.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

PvP worlds employ the following additional mechanics:

  • Players may engage in combat with other players on the majority of the world map. The maximum difference between players that can attack each other is 15 combat levels, which is further increased by the wilderness depth level within the wilderness.
  • Similarly to the wilderness, attacking other players assigns the skull status.
  • Safe zones are added around the majority of the banks, as well as respawn points and locations such as the Grand Exchange or Ferox Enclave. Players may not initiate combat within safe areas, but they might still continue fighting for a short period of time after entering a safe zone as long as they have retaliated at least once.
  • Bank chests and armour stands are added near the respawn points such as Lumbridge, Edgeville and Falador. Respawn points are within safe zones.
  • The so-called PJ timer, or the time before a player can be attacked by another opponent after engaging in player-versus-player combat, is increased. This makes it impossible to attack players immediately after they score a kill in single-way combat areas.
  • After attacking a player in a single-way combat area, both players are locked in combat with each other, and their fight cannot be interrupted by other players. However, if a player is attacking, but has not been attacked themself recently, they can change the target to lock with another opponent.
  • Players cannot teleport immediately after using a special attack. This is done to prevent players from using their special attack on a player and immediately teleporting away without consequence. Players are also prevented from teleporting while their special attack bar is activated on these worlds.
  • Each player has a separate player-versus-player kills and deaths counter within these worlds.
  • New free-to-play players need to log over 20 hours of game time, earn 10 quest points, and reach 100 total level to enter the PvP worlds.
  • Players are warned before logging into or switching to a PvP world.

High-risk worlds[edit | edit source]

The warning received when selecting a High Risk world from the login screen.
Skull (High Risk PvP world) icon.png

Extra mechanics on high-risk worlds include:

  • All items are lost upon death. Upon killing any opponent, the player will always get the items that they were wearing and carrying, unless the item is untradeable, in which case will usually turn into coins according to its value.
  • The Protect Item prayer cannot be used.
  • A warning is shown on attempting to login to a high-risk server from the login screen. If using the World Switcher instead, a confirmation dialogue will appear. Upon logging into a PvP world, a second notification in the form of a message in red will appear in the chatbox informing the players that others may attack them.

Note that currently there are no free-to-play high-risk worlds.

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Brand-new players cannot log into PvP worlds. Restrictions on new accounts can be removed either by buying membership, or logging over 20 hours of game time, earning 10 quest points, and reaching a total level of 100.

Benefits and risks[edit | edit source]

PvP worlds are commonly used by players willing to participate in player-versus-player combat, both individually as well as in clans. Locations that are easy to get to such as Lumbridge or Varrock are common hotspots for player-versus-player engagements. Thanks to additional banks near the respawn spots, armour stands allowing to repair damaged items and increased PJ timer, these worlds are more convenient in general for dangerous player-versus-player activities than themed wilderness worlds which offer no extra mechanics.

Players used to dueling in low level wilderness on regular worlds should be aware that the attackable combat level range on PvP worlds is higher and equivalent to 15 level of the wilderness. Such high combat level brackets can lead to some unfair fights, especially on low combat levels where the difference in damage output can be overwhelming.

Other players might benefit from the additional banks in various respawn areas, which speed up some banking when performing skilling or PvM activities. Common training locations also tend to be less crowded on these worlds due to the risk associated with being attacked by other players. In general players should avoid using expensive items outside of the safe zones due to the risk of losing them in a PvP death.

Rotation[edit | edit source]

Normally some PvP worlds are affected by the PvP world rotation, changing when they are available in one week intervals. This is to reduce the number of worlds to make each more active, while changing locations to provide fairer lag to players across the world.

Rotation A[edit | edit source]

This rotation is currently active for the next 4 days.

  • Australia flag.png 390 – LMS Competitive
    • This world is online at all times, but it can only be used to play LMS competitive during rotation A
  • United States flag.png 539 — PvP World
  • Germany flag.png 548 — PvP World - High Risk
  • United Kingdom flag.png 559 — LMS Competitive
  • United States flag.png 577 — PvP World - Free

Rotation B[edit | edit source]

This rotation is currently inactive.

  • United Kingdom flag.png 560 — PvP World
  • United Kingdom flag.png 561 — PvP World - Free
  • United States flag.png 579 — PvP World - High Risk
  • United States flag.png 580 — LMS Competitive

Hotspots[edit | edit source]

This section lists locations commonly used for player-versus-player combat.

Free-to-play worlds[edit | edit source]

Low level PvP scene is rather small in free-to-play due to restrictions on new accounts that prevent them from entering these worlds. As a rule of thumb, PvP worlds are popular among players with at least 50 combat.

Common free-to-play PvP spots
Location Type Popularity Transportation Comment
Grand Exchange 1-vs-1 Medium Varrock Teleport, Chronicle The area around the Grand Exchange, as well as some spots throughout Varrock such as the city centre and west bank are common PvP hotspots. Mains usually fight east of the Grand Exchange and north of the west bank, while other areas are common among 1 defence pures and rune pures. Grand Exchange.png
Lumbridge 1-vs-1 High Lumbridge Teleport, Home Teleport, Respawn Due to ease of access, the area in front of the castle is popular among lower level accounts and raggers, with a notable exception of the church where fights between high level players often take place. Lumbridge.png
Falador Multi Medium Falador Teleport The most common multicombat area within the PvP worlds. Falador.png
Edgeville 1-vs-1 Low Canoe, Respawn Although not as popular as within the 308 wilderness world, it is notable for the respawn point. Edgeville.png

Members worlds[edit | edit source]

Members are not restricted from entering PvP worlds.

Common PvP spots
Location Popularity Comment
Grand Exchange High Extremely varied. Pure, dharok, zerker, void, rushers, as well as mains. Grand Exchange.png
Lumbridge High Varied. Pure, zerker, void and mains. Lumbridge.png
Edgeville Moderate Common spot for no honour PKing, both pure and main, as well as

main hybriding.

Rimmington house portal Moderate Varied. Pure, Dharok's and a lot of rushers. Rimmington.png
Camelot Moderate Pure, Dharok's, Risk Fighting and occasional Hybrid Fights. Camelot.png
Castle Wars lobby Low Common spot for no honour pking, both pure and main, as well as

main hybriding.

Castle Wars.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 April 2022

The PvP world rotation was turned off for world deployment system maintenance. All PvP worlds are available simultaneously.

9 December 2021

To combat luring, the following areas are now safe on PvP worlds:

  • Ape Atoll Bank area
  • Barbarian Outpost
  • Blast Mine Bank Chests
  • Duel Arena entrance
  • Fossil Island - North Island Bank
  • Soul Wars Lobby
  • The Kourend Castle building (all floors)
  • Volcanic Mine Bank area
  • Xeric’s Glade - Grape Vines
19 May 2021

Worlds are no longer changing from PvP activity worlds to regular worlds and back. Instead, the regular worlds are available full time, while the worlds that are for PvP or LMS are be turned on and off depending on the weekly rotation. The casual LMS worlds are no longer in the rotation.

7 April 2021

Biweekly intervals of the PvP worlds rotation were changed to weekly intervals.

2 April 2020

New free-to-play players cannot enter PvP worlds without logging over 20 hours of game time, earning 10 quest points, and reaching a total level of 100.

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