Queen Biyrene I

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Queen Biyrene I ruled the Kingdom of Great Kourend from the 53rd to 54th decade. Her rule was cut short by King Byrne III, who became of age during her reign.

She was wife to King Byrne II and had daughter later known as Queen Biyrene II and son later known as King Byrne III. After Death of King Byrne II she remarried Lord Piscarilius.

It's believed that she along with Lord Piscarilius arranged killing of Byrne III to regain the throne.

Queen Biyrene I, along with other rulers of the Great Kourend, is mentioned in Timeline.

Predecessor Title Successor
King Byrne II Monarch of Great Kourend King Byrne III
Predecessor Title Successor
King Byrne III Monarch of Great Kourend Queen Biyrene II