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This article is about the free-to-play rewards. For the pay-to-play rewards, see Quest experience rewards.
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This indicates the number of experience points in specific Skills that are given as rewards from doing certain Free-to-play Quests. Points for quests are listed in ascending order.

Set rewards[edit | edit source]

These rewards are given in a certain skill after doing a free-to-play quest; there is no choice involved. The following list also shows the skill requirement in order to receive that quest experience reward.

Attack icon.png Attack[edit | edit source]

Total: 4,825 Experience.

Cooking icon.png Cooking[edit | edit source]

Total: 300 Experience.

Crafting icon.png Crafting[edit | edit source]

Total: 950 Experience.

Defence icon.png Defence[edit | edit source]

Total: 18,650 Experience.

Magic icon.png Magic[edit | edit source]

Total: 1,200 Experience.

Mining icon.png Mining[edit | edit source]

Total: 1,300 Experience.

Prayer icon.png Prayer[edit | edit source]

Total: 1,125 Experience.

Smithing icon.png Smithing[edit | edit source]

Total: 12,725 Experience.

Strength icon.png Strength[edit | edit source]

Total: 18,650 Experience.

Skill choice[edit | edit source]