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This page is a list of the possible item rewards obtained upon completing quests.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon rewards from quests
Quest Reward
A Tail of Two Cats Mouse toy inventory imageMouse toy
A Taste of Hope Ivandis flail inventory imageIvandis flail
Animal Magnetism Blessed axe inventory imageBlessed axe
Another Slice of H.A.M. Ancient mace inventory imageAncient mace
Between a Rock... Rune pickaxe inventory imageRune pickaxe
Contact! Keris inventory imageKeris
Demon Slayer Silverlight inventory imageSilverlight
Desert Treasure I Ancient staff inventory imageAncient staff
Fairytale I - Growing Pains Magic secateurs inventory imageMagic secateurs
In Aid of the Myreque Gadderhammer inventory imageGadderhammer and Rod of ivandis inventory imageRod of ivandis
Lost City Dramen staff inventory imageDramen staff
Lunar Diplomacy Lunar staff inventory imageLunar staff
Merlin's Crystal Excalibur inventory imageExcalibur
Nature Spirit Silver sickle (b) inventory imageSilver sickle (b)
Priest in Peril Wolfbane inventory imageWolfbane
Ratcatchers Rat pole inventory imageRat pole
Roving Elves Crystal bow inventory imageCrystal bow
Shadow of the Storm Darklight inventory imageDarklight
Sins of the Father Blisterwood flail inventory imageBlisterwood flail
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Rune spear(kp) inventory imageRune spear(kp)
The Enchanted Key Saradomin mjolnir inventory imageSaradomin mjolnir, Zamorak mjolnir inventory imageZamorak mjolnir and Guthix mjolnir inventory imageGuthix mjolnir
The General's Shadow Shadow sword inventory imageShadow sword
The Great Brain Robbery Barrelchest anchor inventory imageBarrelchest anchor[1]
The Knight's Sword Blurite sword inventory imageBlurite sword
Mage Arena I Saradomin staff inventory imageSaradomin staff, Zamorak staff inventory imageZamorak staff or Guthix staff inventory imageGuthix staff[2]
Underground Pass Iban's staff inventory imageIban's staff
  1. ^ The barrelchest anchor must be repaired by Smith before it can be used as a weapon.
  2. ^ The staff you will get depends on which God cape you chose after the quest.

Armour[edit | edit source]

Armour rewards from quests
Quest Reward
Animal Magnetism Ava's attractor inventory imageAva's attractor or Ava's accumulator inventory imageAva's accumulator[1]
A Kingdom Divided Book of the dead inventory imageBook of the dead
Between a Rock... Gold helmet inventory imageGold helmet
Client of Kourend Kharedst's memoirs inventory imageKharedst's memoirs
Dragon Slayer I Anti-dragon shield inventory imageAnti-dragon shield
Elemental Workshop I Elemental shield inventory imageElemental shield
Elemental Workshop II Mind helmet inventory imageMind helmet
Family Crest Steel gauntlets inventory imageSteel gauntlets[2]
Fight Arena Khazard helmet Khazard armour Khazard armour set
Grim Tales Dwarven helmet inventory imageDwarven helmet
Hazeel Cult Carnillean armour inventory imageCarnillean armour or Hazeel's mark inventory imageHazeel's mark[3]
Haunted Mine Salve amulet inventory imageSalve amulet
Horror from the Deep God book inventory imageGod books
Imp Catcher Amulet of accuracy inventory imageAmulet of accuracy
Lair of Tarn Razorlor Salve amulet (e) inventory imageSalve amulet (e)
Legends' Quest Cape of legends inventory imageCape of legends
Lunar Diplomacy Lunar helmLunar torsoLunar legsLunar bootsLunar glovesLunar capeLunar amuletLunar ring Lunar equipment
Mountain Daughter Bearhead inventory imageBearhead
Rag and Bone Man II Bonesack inventory imageBonesack and Ram skull helm inventory imageRam skull helm
Recipe for Disaster Culinaromancer's gloves inventory imageCulinaromancer's gloves
Recruitment Drive Initiate sallet inventory imageInitiate sallet
The Slug Menace Proselyte salletProselyte hauberkProselyte cuisseProselyte tasset Proselyte armour
Roving Elves Crystal shield inventory imageCrystal shield
Shilo Village Beads of the dead inventory imageBeads of the dead
The Fremennik Isles Helm of neitiznot inventory imageHelm of neitiznot
Mage Arena I Saradomin cape inventory imageSaradomin cape, Zamorak cape inventory imageZamorak cape or Guthix cape inventory imageGuthix cape
Mage Arena II Imbued saradomin cape inventory imageImbued saradomin cape, Imbued zamorak cape inventory imageImbued zamorak cape or Imbued guthix cape inventory imageImbued guthix cape
Tree Gnome Village Gnome amulet inventory imageGnome amulet
Underground Pass Klank's gauntlets inventory imageKlank's gauntlets
What Lies Below Beacon ring inventory imageBeacon ring
  1. ^ Ava's attractor is the standard reward, however ava's accumulator is rewarded if the player has at least level 50 Ranged.
  2. ^ These gauntlets can be turned into Cooking gauntlets, Goldsmith gauntlets or Chaos gauntlets.
  3. ^ The Cernillean armour is only available during the quest so you will need to obtain an extra one if you want to keep it for yourself.

Miscellaneous items[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous rewards from quests
Quest Reward
A Porcine of Interest Reinforced goggles inventory imageReinforced goggles
A Taste of Hope Drakan's medallion inventory imageDrakan's medallion
Bear Your Soul Soul bearer inventory imageSoul bearer
Creature of Fenkenstrain Ring of charos inventory imageRing of charos
Desert Treasure I Ring of visibility inventory imageRing of visibility
The Depths of Despair Lunch by the lancalliums inventory imageLunch by the lancalliums
Dragon Slayer I Maze key inventory imageMaze key
Dragon Slayer II Locator orb inventory imageLocator orb
Enakhra's Lament Camulet inventory imageCamulet
Enter the Abyss Small pouch inventory imageSmall pouch
The Forsaken Tower Jewellery of jubilation inventory imageJewellery of jubilation
Garden of Tranquillity Ring of charos (a) inventory imageRing of charos (a)
Ghosts Ahoy Ectophial inventory imageEctophial and Bedsheet inventory imageBedsheet
Icthlarin's Little Helper Catspeak amulet inventory imageCatspeak amulet
Lunar Diplomacy Seal of passage inventory imageSeal of passage
Making History Enchanted key (item) inventory imageEnchanted key
Monkey Madness I M'speak amulet inventory imageM'speak amulet and 10th squad sigil inventory image10th squad sigil
Monkey Madness II Royal seed pod inventory imageRoyal seed pod
Mourning's End Part I Fixed device inventory imageFixed device
Mourning's End Part II Crystal trinket inventory imageCrystal trinket
One Small Favour Steel key ring inventory imageSteel key ring
Shadow of the Storm Demonic sigil inventory imageDemonic sigil
The Ascent of Arceuus A dark disposition inventory imageA dark disposition
The Great Brain Robbery Prayer book inventory imagePrayer book
The Queen of Thieves The fisher's flute inventory imageThe fisher's flute
The Restless Ghost Ghostspeak amulet inventory imageGhostspeak amulet
Rum Deal Holy wrench inventory imageHoly wrench
Shilo Village Bone key (Shilo Village) inventory imageBone key
A Tail of Two Cats Catspeak amulet (e) inventory imageCatspeak amulet (e)
Tale of the Righteous History and hearsay inventory imageHistory and hearsay
Temple of Ikov Shiny key inventory imageShiny key, Pendant of lucien inventory imagePendant of lucien and Armadyl pendant inventory imageArmadyl pendant[1]
The Eyes of Glouphire Crystal saw seed inventory imageCrystal saw seed
The Tourist Trap Wrought iron key inventory imageWrought iron key
Troll Romance Sled inventory imageSled
Waterfall Quest Glarial's amulet inventory imageGlarial's amulet

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Cosmetic rewards from quests
Quest Reward
A Tail of Two Cats Doctor's hat inventory imageDoctor's hat or Nurse hat inventory imageNurse hat
Biohazard Medical gown Medical gown
Curse of the Empty Lord Ghostly hoodGhostly robe (top)Ghostly robe (bottom)Ghostly bootsGhostly glovesGhostly cloakGhostly robes
Eagles' Peak Fake beak inventory imageFake beak and Eagle cape inventory imageEagle cape
Enakhra's Lament Camel mask inventory imageCamel mask
Enlightened Journey Bomber cap Bomber jacket Bomber jacket costume
Monkey Madness II Monkey (Monkey Madness II) inventory imageMonkey
Mourning's End Part I Gas mask Mourner top Mourner trousers Mourner boots Mourner gloves Mourner cloak Mourner gear
Murder Mystery Silver necklace Silver necklace[2]
Plague City Gas mask Gas mask
Sheep Herder Plague jacket Plague trousers Cattleprod Plague suit
Spirits of the Elid Robe of elidinis (top) Robe of elidinis (bottom) Robe of elidinis (top) and Robe of elidinis (bottom)
The Fremennik Isles Silly jester hat Silly jester top Silly jester tights Silly jester boots Silly jester costume
The Tourist Trap Slave shirt Slave robe Slave boots Slave robes
Tower of Life Hard hat Builder's shirt Builder's trousers Builder's boots Builder's costume
  1. ^ If you sided with Lucien during the quest, you must kill Guardians of Armadyl to obtain the Armadyl Pendant.
  2. ^ Only if you drop it and pick it up after completing the quest.