Rabid Jack

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Rabid Jack is the single most feared pirate of the Eastern Sea. Very little is known about him as almost no people dare to speak of the infamous Rabid Jack, but he apparently terrorised the Eastern Sea and its islands such as Mos Le'Harmless. Rabid Jack has however not been seen for years, he currently appears to reside on some cursed island with a temple in the Eastern Sea from where he practices necromancy, resurrecting zombie pirates to expand his crew and plotting his return.

Rabid Jack is responsible for sending Captain Donnie and his crew to invade Braindeath Island to plunder the island's production of Braindeath 'rum' and kill all the brewers. He also sent the undead surgeon Mi-Gor to invade Harmony Island and to conduct experiments on the residing monks to find a way to enhance his zombies by giving them un-rotting brains. The player however managed to thwart both plots.