Radigad Ponfit

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Radigad Ponfit is a member of the Mort Myre order of the Myreque. He is a mercenary fighter from Asgarnia, and joined the Myreque in their fight to liberate Morytania from the hands of the Vampyre overlord Drakan. He is currently one of the last remaining members of the Mort Myre order, after Sani Piliu and Harold Evans were killed during the events of In Search of the Myreque.

Following the death of Harold, who was the Myreque's main fighter, Radigad has had to take his place and act as muscle for the Mort Myre order. However, he, like most of the order, can hope to do little damage against vampyres, as he doesn't have a Silver Sickle.

Radigad, along with most of his Myreque comrades, suffered a tragic end at the hands of Lord Drakan during the events of the quest Sins of the Father, after the group had agreed to be teleported to Castle Drakan by Vanescula and pose as her prisoners, in a bid to overthrow and kill Lord Drakan. The plan, however, came to an unsuccessful end after Drakan saw through Vanescula's lies, capturing Vanescula and killing most of the Myreque in retaliation to her betrayal.