Raetul and Co's Cloth Store.

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Raetul and Co's Cloth Store. is a store in Sophanem that sells thread, desert clothes and other materials. The quest Icthlarin's Little Helper must be completed to access Sophanem. This store can only be accessed through conversation with Raetul who can be found in front of Siamun's establishment (with the spinning wheel).

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 100.0% • Buys at: 75.0% • Change per: 1.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Linen.pngLinen2018sCoins 25.png 30Coins 5.png 22Coins 250.png 696
Desert shirt.pngDesert shirt2030sCoins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 30Coins 25.png 81
Desert robe.pngDesert robe2030sCoins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 30Coins 25.png 96
Desert boots.pngDesert boots2030sCoins 5.png 20Coins 5.png 15Coins 100.png 139
Silk.pngSilk1024sCoins 25.png 30Coins 5.png 22Coins 5.png 10
Thread.pngThread5042sCoins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Coins 5.png 10
Needle.pngNeedle2030sCoins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Coins 25.png 35