Rags to Riches

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Rags to Riches is a Steam achievement task, which requires the player to "Complete a Clue Scroll" in order to be completed. For free-to-play players, this requires the player to complete a beginner clue scroll, although members may also complete a higher level clue scroll.

It is recommended players complete this achievement by completing the X Marks the Spot quest. One of the rewards from this quest is a beginner clue scroll. These clue scrolls require between 1 and 3 steps to be completed, in order to obtain a reward.

This achievement may require the player to perform one or multiple skill challenges from Charlie the Tramp. These challenges may require up to Cooking 20 Cooking, Fishing 20 Fishing, Mining 15 Mining, Smithing 15 Smithing. or Crafting 18 Crafting. Note that if players cannot complete this challenge yet, it is typically recommended to drop the clue scroll. Players may have only a single beginner clue scroll at a time, which means that keeping a challenge that requires higher stats will prevent more clue scrolls from being dropped from activities such as combat, mining, woodcutting and fishing.

Should players wish to obtain more beginner clue scrolls, it is recommended they kill goblins in or around Lumbridge, considering those are fairly low combat level, and have a relatively high chance to drop more clue scrolls.