Raiments of the Eye

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A player wearing the Raiments of the Eye.

Raiments of the Eye are a set of robes that grants 10% more runes when runecrafting per piece, with a 20% set bonus for a total of 60% when the full outfit is worn. The hat can also be attuned to an imbued tiara to allow it to function as one. Only one tiara can be attuned at a time, and attuning does not consume the tiara.

Pieces of the outfit are purchased from the Guardians of the Rift reward shop for a total of 1350 Abyssal pearls. This equates to roughly 180 games of Guardians of the Rift and 630 searches.[1] The hat, robe top, and robe bottoms can also be recoloured with various Abyssal dyes that are obtained as a rare reward from the Rewards Guardian.

The entire set, and its coloured variants, can be stored in a magic wardrobe in a player-owned house costume room.

Extra rune mechanics[edit | edit source]

With the full outfit, the player is guaranteed at least 1.6x the runes they would normally craft with the essence they have. If that quantity does not divide into 6 easily, there is a chance to get a bonus 6 runes depending on the remainder.[2] For example, if the player could normally craft 28 runes, 60% additional runes would be a total of 44.8 runes. The player would receive at least 45 runes, with an unknown chance to receive 50 runes.

Impact on Achievement Diary tasks[edit | edit source]

With this information, a formula can be developed to determine what rune multiplier is required for certain Achievement Diary tasks while wearing the full outfit. Let X represent the number of runes necessary for the task, and Y the effective number of runes you need to make:[3]

This implies that tasks to craft double the quantity of runes (e.g. Cosmic, Nature, Astral) cannot be bypassed using the outfit. The effective number of runes would be 35, and the rune multiplier would be 1.25, rounding up to 2. The tasks which do benefit are listed below:

Diary Task Level normally With raiments
Hard Falador Craft 140 Mind rune.pngmind runes. 56 42
Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Craft 140 Water rune.pngwater runes. 76 57
Elite Varrock Craft 100 Earth rune.pngearth runes. 78 52
Elite Falador Craft 252 Air rune.pngair runes. 88 55

The outfit does not reduce the Runecraft level required for the diary cape, which is 91 for the Elite Karamja Diary.

Components[edit | edit source]

Component Cost Normal Red Green Blue
Hat of the eye Abyssal pearls.png400 Hat of the eye.png Hat of the eye#Red.png Hat of the eye#Green.png Hat of the eye#Blue.png
Robe top of the eye Abyssal pearls.png350 Robe top of the eye.png Robe top of the eye#Red.png Robe top of the eye#Green.png Robe top of the eye#Blue.png
Robe bottoms of the eye Abyssal pearls.png350 Robe bottoms of the eye.png Robe bottoms of the eye#Red.png Robe bottoms of the eye#Green.png Robe bottoms of the eye#Blue.png
Boots of the eye Abyssal pearls.png250 Boots of the eye.png N/A
Abyssal dye N/A N/A Abyssal red dye.png Abyssal green dye.png Abyssal blue dye.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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