Ramarno's Shard Exchange

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Ramarno's Shard Exchange
Ramarno's Shard Exchange.png
Released14 April 2021 (Update)
LocationRuins of Camdozaal

Ramarno's Shard Exchange is a shop located in the centre of the Ruins of Camdozaal. In the shop players can trade Barronite shards for various upgrades used inside the ruins. Ramarno explains that he burns the Barronite shards in the Sacred Forge, which then powers several Charms throughout Camdozaal, or opens the Camdozaal Vault. All five of the permanent buffs can be activated at the same time.

Ramarno's Shard Exchange.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Note: Shards given to the store can also be used to gain access to the Camdozaal Vault, this costs 750 shards.

in stock
sold at
Fishing buff1Barronite shards 25.png 2,500
Preparation buff1Barronite shards 25.png 2,500
Defence buff1Barronite shards 25.png 2,500
Mining buff1Barronite shards 25.png 2,500
Luck buff1Barronite shards 25.png 3,000
Boost buffBarronite shards 25.png 1,000

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
21 April 2021

Previously the Charm of Preparation was spelled 'Charm of Preperation' several times. This has been fixed.