Ranging Guild

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Location on World Map
Seers' Village
Fishing Guild Ranging Guild Sorcerer's Tower
East Ardougne

The Ranging Guild is an encampment located between Seers' Village and East Ardougne. In order to enter, one must have level 40 Ranged. Inside, one may find several shops related to Ranged, as well as one Ranged minigame.

Shops[edit | edit source]

You may purchase items from four different non-player characters in the Ranging Guild. Overall, you may purchase basic Ranged weapons and armour and tan hides. Click each section for more details.

NPC Shop Comments
Armour salesman chathead.png: Chat head image of Armour salesmanArmour salesman Aaron's Archery Appendages. Sells Ranging armours from leather to studded, including Studded body.pngStudded chaps.pngCoif.pngLeather vambraces.png.

Sells the Ranging cape.pngRanging cape if you have 99 Ranged.

Bow and Arrow salesman chathead.png: Chat head image of Bow and Arrow salesmanBow and Arrow salesman Dargaud's Bows and Arrows Sells basic bows and arrows up to rune and willow:

Arrow shaft.pngRune arrowtips.pngRune arrows.pngWillow shortbow.pngWillow longbow.png.

Buys Rune brutal 5.pngbrutal arrows and the Comp ogre bow.pngComp ogre bow.

Tribal Weapon Salesman chathead.png: Chat head image of Tribal Weapon SalesmanTribal Weapon Salesman Authentic Throwing Weapons Sells Rune javelin.pngjavelins and Rune thrownaxe.pngthrowing axes up to rune.
Ticket Merchant Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange Exchanges Archery ticket.pngArchery tickets obtained from the Shooting range for various Ranging items including the Green d'hide body.pngGreen d'hide body and Barb bolttips.pngBarb bolttips.

Tannery[edit | edit source]

The Leatherworker in the northern aspect of the guild functions as a tannery, although there is no nearby bank and there is no right-click option to use this tannery.

Shield master[edit | edit source]

The Shield master can be found here, and he will introduce players to leather shields. If asked, he can give players a leather shields flyer, which details the materials needed to create each shield, although speaking to him is not required to craft or equip leather shields.

Minigame[edit | edit source]

There is one minigame in the Ranging Guild. You may practice at the Shooting Range in the east part of the guild.

Shooting Range[edit | edit source]

You may pay 200 coins to the Competition Judge, who will give you 10 bronze arrows to use a bow to shoot at the nearby targets, gaining you 0-1,000 points. You get 1 Ranged experience for every 2 points, and 1 Archery ticket.pngArchery ticket for every 10 points. The tickets can be used to purchase merchandise from the Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange.

Training Areas[edit | edit source]

Tower Archers[edit | edit source]

On the top floor of the Ranging Guild, you may fight Tower Archers which are located on four different platforms. The weakest archers are located to the north, while the strongest archers are west. You must use a Ranged or Magic attack with an attack range of at least 9 to hit the archers. By shooting at you, the attacking archers may drop iron to adamant arrows at your feet, depending on the archer you target.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Ranging Guild used to be the place you could buy a Fletching cape, until it was later moved because of the complaints of many players that they have 99 Fletching, but don't have the ranging requirements.