Ranis Drakan

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Ranis Drakan (A Taste of Hope) chathead.png

Ranis Drakan is one of the three vampyre nobles who rule over the Sanguinesti region, alongside his siblings Vanescula Drakan and Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan.

He briefly appears during a cutscene in the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, where he and his sister join Vanstrom Klause in drinking some blood served by a juvinate.

The player confronts Ranis Drakan during his announcement speech in A Taste of Hope, refuting the claim that the Myreque are all dead, and defeats him with the newly made Ivandis flail.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The player confronts Ranis Drakan with the Ivandis flail.

Ranis Drakan is level 233, and can only be harmed by the Ivandis flail. He will use melee and magic attacks that can hit up to 20. He can also cast Blood Barrage, which can heal him for half of the damage dealt. Occasionally, he will charge an attack and explode, hitting up to 30. The damage can be reduced by running away from him when he is charging the attack.

Ranis launches his blood bomb attack.

After he reaches 65% of his health, he'll summon two level 87 vyrewatch and will fly airborne. Every now and then, he will throw blood bombs at where you are currently standing, which can hit up to 40. It should be noted that this attack can hit the vyrewatch, so it can be used to aid combat, especially at lower levels. When you kill the vyrewatch, you will fight Ranis again until he reaches 25% of his health, where he will then summon two vyrewatch again.

After killing them, he will go berserk and attack the player. During this last phase, his attacks are much faster and accurate, but only have a max hit of 6. Using Protect from Melee will easily defeat him in the last phase.

If you die during the fight, your items can be retrieved from the chest located north-west of the noticeboard.