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A depiction of Ranul found in the Crypt of the Moon in the Forthos Dungeon.

Ranul is the god of the moon and brother of Ralos, the god of the sun. It is not known whether the people of the Kingdom of Varlamore still actively worship Ranul, but they are still worshipped by Undead Druids in the Forthos Dungeon. Little is known about Ranul; he is said to have been born from the darkness of the night.

Followers of Ranul believe that after life begins, the only other significant event is death, believing it should be embraced and respected, shaping the lives of themselves and those around them. They also seek to bring light to darkness, exploring and uncovering the mysteries of the world, but to withhold knowledge that would cause harm to others.

Despite this philosophy, the followers of Ranul in the Forthos Dungeon (then known as The Temple to Ranul/Ralos) were corrupted by a dark wizard long ago, now becoming fanatical and twisting Ranul's teachings, attempting to force premature death onto others.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ranul is Lunar spelled backwards.
  • Ranul is associated with the blood red colour and the symbol of the Blood rune.