Rapid Restore

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Rapid Restore is a prayer unlocked at level 19 Prayer. Rapid Restore doubles the restore rate of all stats except for Prayer and Hitpoints. This is useful if you are under any stat-reduction effects, such as the Attack penalty brought on by drinking beer. Just like how boosts go down naturally each minute (starting from when you are boosted), stats restore naturally each minute. Activating Rapid Restore will create a new 1-minute refresh timer, so if you activate the prayer (and keep it activated) as soon as your stats get drained, you will visually see yourself regenerating 2 levels each minute. However, if you wait say 30 seconds and then activate it, you will visually see yourself regenerating 1 level every 30 seconds (since both the natural stat restore timer ticks away and the Rapid Restore timer ticks away, but they are 30 seconds apart). Regardless, the restoration is effectively doubled.

Prayer points must be restored with a prayer potion, or by praying at an altar.

Hitpoints may have their regeneration rate boosted with the Rapid Heal prayer (level 22 Prayer), or through various pieces of equipment. Alternatively, Hitpoints may be restored in chunks by eating food.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Formerly, there was a glitch where "flicking" the Rapid Restore prayer every 30 seconds or so allows boosted stats to remain boosted for extended periods causing widespread bug abuse. As of 26 December 2014, this no longer seems to work.