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Raw karambwan is a mollusk native to the tropical island of Karamja. Catching one requires 65 Fishing and a karambwan vessel using raw karambwanji as bait after completing the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. Each catch yields 50 Fishing experience. The karambwan fishing spots are north of the Ship Yard and east of the harpie bug swarms at fairy ring code dkp.

Unlike regular Fishing, karambwan may steal karambwanji from the vessel without catch. When this occurs, a filtered game message will state A Karambwan deftly snatches the Karambwanji from your vessel! The rate of occurrence is the inverse of the fishing chance graph below.

To be able to cook a karambwan thoroughly, players must speak to Tinsay in his hut after completing the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. When using a raw karambwan on a fire or cooking range, two options of cooking are given: poorly or thoroughly. Cooking poorly requires 1 Cooking, but yields a poison karambwan and 80 Cooking experience. Cooking thoroughly requires 30 Cooking yielding a cooked karambwan and 190 Cooking experience. Poison karambwan cannot be cooked again to obtain a cooked karambwan. Karambwan stop burning at 99 Cooking, 93 Cooking at the Hosidius Kitchen, or 87 Cooking at the Hosidius Kitchen after completing the elite Kebos Diary.

Catching a karambwan is a medium Karamja Diary task, while Cooking a karambwan thoroughly is a hard Karamja Diary task.

Raw karambwan can be purchased from Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall, which has a fast restock rate. Cooking karambwan by buying them is a popular Cooking method for Ultimate ironman players.

Fishing info[edit | edit source]

Fishing chance[edit | edit source]

{"type":"scatter","options":{"tooltips":{"intersect":false,"format":"skillingSuccess"},"datasetsPerGroup":3,"aspectRatio":1.35,"title":{"display":true,"font":{"size":18},"text":"Karambwan fishing chance","position":"top"},"scales":{"y":{"ticks":{"stepSize":0.1,"format":"percent"},"scaleLabel":{"display":true,"labelString":"Success rate"}},"x":{"ticks":{"stepSize":1},"scaleLabel":{"display":true,"labelString":"Level"}}},"maintainAspectRatio":false,"fill":false},"minWidth":"540px","resizable":true,"width":"540px","isChartObj":true,"height":"400px","isFinished":true,"minHeight":"400px","data":{"datasets":[{"fill":false,"borderCapStyle":"round","label":"Raw karambwan  ","showLine":true,"data":[{"y":0.4140625,"x":65}],"pointStyleImg":"Raw karambwan.png","hoverBackgroundColor":"rgba(151,198,222,0.5)","backgroundColor":"rgba(166,206,227,0.3)","borderDash":[5,5],"borderColor":"rgba(166,206,227,1)","hoverBorderColor":"rgba(151,198,222,1)","pointRadius":0,"clip":5,"baseColor":"green"},{"pointRadius":0,"label":"Raw karambwan  ","showLine":true,"data":[{"y":0.4140625,"x":65},{"y":0.421875,"x":66},{"y":0.42578125,"x":67},{"y":0.43359375,"x":68},{"y":0.44140625,"x":69},{"y":0.4453125,"x":70},{"y":0.453125,"x":71},{"y":0.45703125,"x":72},{"y":0.46484375,"x":73},{"y":0.47265625,"x":74},{"y":0.4765625,"x":75},{"y":0.484375,"x":76},{"y":0.4921875,"x":77},{"y":0.49609375,"x":78},{"y":0.50390625,"x":79},{"y":0.50390625,"x":80},{"y":0.51171875,"x":81},{"y":0.51953125,"x":82},{"y":0.5234375,"x":83},{"y":0.53125,"x":84},{"y":0.5390625,"x":85},{"y":0.54296875,"x":86},{"y":0.55078125,"x":87},{"y":0.55859375,"x":88},{"y":0.5625,"x":89},{"y":0.5703125,"x":90},{"y":0.57421875,"x":91},{"y":0.58203125,"x":92},{"y":0.58984375,"x":93},{"y":0.59375,"x":94},{"y":0.6015625,"x":95},{"y":0.609375,"x":96},{"y":0.61328125,"x":97},{"y":0.62109375,"x":98},{"y":0.62890625,"x":99}],"fill":false,"hoverBackgroundColor":"rgba(29,114,171,0.5)","backgroundColor":"rgba(31,120,180,0.3)","borderDash":[],"borderColor":"rgba(31,120,180,1)","hoverBorderColor":"rgba(29,114,171,1)","borderCapStyle":"round","clip":5,"baseColor":"green"},{"hoverBorderColor":"rgba(169,219,124,1)","showLine":true,"data":[],"borderColor":"rgba(178,223,138,1)","backgroundColor":"rgba(178,223,138,0.3)","hoverBackgroundColor":"rgba(169,219,124,0.5)","clip":5,"fill":false}]}}

Products[edit | edit source]

Cooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan
Member icon.png
  • Cooking 30
  • Cooking 190
Karambwan paste (raw).pngKarambwan paste
Member icon.png
  • None
  • None
Poison karambwan.pngPoison karambwan
Member icon.png
  • Cooking 1
  • Cooking 80

Item sources[edit | edit source]

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Fishing spot (karambwan)65 Fishing icon.png1Always

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Tiadeche's Karambwan StallTai Bwo Wannai106sCoins 100.png 110Coins 25.png 90Member icon.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
10 August 2017
(update | poll)

Due to changes of karambwanji, for balancing reasons fishing karambwan now grants 50 experience rather than the previous 105 experience.

26 January -
27 June 2005

The item's inventory sprite was slightly adjusted.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Raw karambwan detail (historical).png
Raw karambwan detail.png
Raw karambwan (historical).png
Raw karambwan.png
14 September 2004 ⁠–
January-June 2005
January-June 2005 ⁠–

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Lubufu, Karambwan is translated as "Friend of Karamja" in the Karamjan language.
    • The villagers call players "bwana", which means "friend". This would make the word "Karambwan" a combination of the words "Karamja" and "bwana".