Raw mackerel

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Raw mackerel
Raw mackerel.png
Released27 February 2002 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineI should try cooking this.
Value15 coins
High alch9 coins
Low alch6 coins
Weight0.35 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange40 coins (info)
Buy limit15,000
Daily volume18,869
Advanced data
Item ID353
Raw mackerel detail.png

Raw mackerel is a fish that can be caught with a big net at any big net fishing spot. It requires a Fishing level of 16 to catch and can be cooked into mackerel with level 10 cooking. The most common spot to fish mackerel is Catherby. There's a possibility that 10 raw mackerel will be required for a part in the quest In Aid of the Myreque.

Fishing info[edit | edit source]

Raw mackerel
Level requiredFishing 16
Fishing XP20 xp
Fishing spotFishing spot (big net, harpoon)
Required toolBig fishing net.pngBig fishing net

Fishing chance[edit | edit source]

Players get two independent rolls at the probability shown below.

{"type":"scatter","options":{"tooltips":{"intersect":false,"format":"skillingSuccess"},"datasetsPerGroup":3,"aspectRatio":1.35,"title":{"display":true,"font":{"size":18},"text":"Big net fishing chance","position":"top"},"scales":{"y":{"ticks":{"stepSize":0.1,"format":"percent"},"scaleLabel":{"display":true,"labelString":"Success rate"}},"x":{"ticks":{"stepSize":1},"scaleLabel":{"display":true,"labelString":"Level"}}},"maintainAspectRatio":false,"fill":false},"minWidth":"540px","resizable":true,"width":"540px","isChartObj":true,"height":"400px","isFinished":true,"minHeight":"400px","data":{"datasets":[{"fill":false,"borderCapStyle":"round","label":"Raw mackerel  ","showLine":true,"data":[{"y":0.0546875,"x":16}],"pointStyleImg":"Raw mackerel.png","hoverBackgroundColor":"rgba(151,198,222,0.5)","backgroundColor":"rgba(166,206,227,0.3)","borderDash":[5,5],"borderColor":"rgba(166,206,227,1)","hoverBorderColor":"rgba(151,198,222,1)","pointRadius":0,"clip":5,"baseColor":"#efcc00"},{"pointRadius":0,"label":"Raw mackerel  ","showLine":true,"data":[{"y":0.0546875,"x":16},{"y":0.05859375,"x":17},{"y":0.0625,"x":18},{"y":0.0625,"x":19},{"y":0.06640625,"x":20},{"y":0.06640625,"x":21},{"y":0.06640625,"x":22},{"y":0.0703125,"x":23},{"y":0.07421875,"x":24},{"y":0.07421875,"x":25},{"y":0.078125,"x":26},{"y":0.08203125,"x":27},{"y":0.08203125,"x":28},{"y":0.0859375,"x":29},{"y":0.08984375,"x":30},{"y":0.08984375,"x":31},{"y":0.09375,"x":32},{"y":0.09765625,"x":33},{"y":0.09765625,"x":34},{"y":0.1015625,"x":35},{"y":0.10546875,"x":36},{"y":0.10546875,"x":37},{"y":0.109375,"x":38},{"y":0.11328125,"x":39},{"y":0.11328125,"x":40},{"y":0.11328125,"x":41},{"y":0.1171875,"x":42},{"y":0.1171875,"x":43},{"y":0.12109375,"x":44},{"y":0.125,"x":45},{"y":0.125,"x":46},{"y":0.12890625,"x":47},{"y":0.1328125,"x":48},{"y":0.1328125,"x":49},{"y":0.13671875,"x":50},{"y":0.140625,"x":51},{"y":0.140625,"x":52},{"y":0.14453125,"x":53},{"y":0.1484375,"x":54},{"y":0.1484375,"x":55},{"y":0.15234375,"x":56},{"y":0.15625,"x":57},{"y":0.15625,"x":58},{"y":0.16015625,"x":59},{"y":0.16015625,"x":60},{"y":0.16015625,"x":61},{"y":0.1640625,"x":62},{"y":0.16796875,"x":63},{"y":0.16796875,"x":64},{"y":0.171875,"x":65},{"y":0.17578125,"x":66},{"y":0.17578125,"x":67},{"y":0.1796875,"x":68},{"y":0.18359375,"x":69},{"y":0.18359375,"x":70},{"y":0.1875,"x":71},{"y":0.19140625,"x":72},{"y":0.19140625,"x":73},{"y":0.1953125,"x":74},{"y":0.19921875,"x":75},{"y":0.19921875,"x":76},{"y":0.203125,"x":77},{"y":0.20703125,"x":78},{"y":0.20703125,"x":79},{"y":0.20703125,"x":80},{"y":0.2109375,"x":81},{"y":0.2109375,"x":82},{"y":0.21484375,"x":83},{"y":0.21875,"x":84},{"y":0.21875,"x":85},{"y":0.22265625,"x":86},{"y":0.2265625,"x":87},{"y":0.2265625,"x":88},{"y":0.23046875,"x":89},{"y":0.234375,"x":90},{"y":0.234375,"x":91},{"y":0.23828125,"x":92},{"y":0.2421875,"x":93},{"y":0.2421875,"x":94},{"y":0.24609375,"x":95},{"y":0.25,"x":96},{"y":0.25,"x":97},{"y":0.25390625,"x":98},{"y":0.2578125,"x":99}],"fill":false,"hoverBackgroundColor":"rgba(29,114,171,0.5)","backgroundColor":"rgba(31,120,180,0.3)","borderDash":[],"borderColor":"rgba(31,120,180,1)","hoverBorderColor":"rgba(29,114,171,1)","borderCapStyle":"round","clip":5,"baseColor":"#efcc00"},{"hoverBorderColor":"rgba(169,219,124,1)","showLine":true,"data":[],"borderColor":"rgba(178,223,138,1)","backgroundColor":"rgba(178,223,138,0.3)","hoverBackgroundColor":"rgba(169,219,124,0.5)","clip":5,"fill":false}]}}

Fishing locations[edit | edit source]

There are only nine fishing locations at which mackerel can be caught:

  • Catherby beach: A popular spot that's close to a bank.
  • Fishing Guild: The closest spot to a bank, with a fishing shop in the area as well as a spawn of a harpoon and a big net. It is usually recommended because it is close to the bank and there are a lot of fishing spots.
  • Rellekka: This location isn't very useful.
  • Burgh de Rott: Requires In Aid of the Myreque. There is a bank in Burgh de Rott not too far from these spots. This area is notable for its especially high density of Net/Harpoon spots—there are a lot of them very close together, so not a lot of running around is needed to get from one spot to another.
  • Isafdar: Requires Regicide. As with the Net/Bait spots here, this area is too far from a bank to be practical.
  • Jatizso: Requires The Fremennik Isles. Just like the Cage/Harpoon spots, the Net/Harpoon spots here are very close to a bank and excellent for players who don't like a lot of company when they fish.
  • Feldip Hills: There are aggressive enemies nearby, but fishing here is not as inconvenient as it used to be.
  • Ape Atoll: Requires Monkey Madness I. There is a fishing spot located near the agility course and another on the south-west side of the island. There's no bank on the whole island, and players can only fish when they are in human form, which means the monsters on the island will become aggressive. Because of this, it's not an effective place to fish.
  • Land's End: There are several fishing spots north-west from the dock. With a bank arguably even closer than Catherby, while also offering the same types of catchable fish, it can be a good place to use.
  • Isle of Souls: The south eastern fishing spot, north of sand crabs.

Products[edit | edit source]

Member icon.png
  • Cooking 10
  • Cooking 60

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Arrg Normal113 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Berry71 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Fishing spot (big net, harpoon)16 Fishing icon.png1–2Common
Ice troll female Variant 2 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Ice troll male Variant 2 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Ice troll runt Variant 2 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Mountain troll69; 71 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Reward pool 35–39 FishingN/A Casket.png20–30 (noted)810/6,400
Reward pool 40–45 FishingN/A Casket.png30–40 (noted)900/6,400
Thrower Troll67 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Troll spectator71 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Twig71 Multicombat.png(noted)2/128
Wallasalki98 Multicombat.png1–23/128

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Frankie's Fishing Emporium (0% favour)Port Piscarilius010m Coins 25.png 30Coins 5.png 7Member icon.png
Frankie's Fishing Emporium (25% favour)Port Piscarilius2510m Coins 5.png 22Coins 5.png 9Member icon.png
Fremennik Fish MongerRellekka010m Coins 5.png 19Coins 5.png 10Member icon.png
Island FishmongerMiscellania010m Coins 5.png 19Coins 5.png 10Member icon.png
Aurel's SuppliesBurgh de Rott101m Coins 5.png 19Coins 5.png 6Member icon.png
Warrens Fish MongerThe Warrens010m Coins 5.png 19Coins 5.png 10Member icon.png
Etceteria FishEtceteria010m Coins 5.png 19Coins 5.png 10Member icon.png
Frankie's Fishing Emporium (50% favour)Port Piscarilius5010m Coins 5.png 18Coins 5.png 11Member icon.png
Frankie's Fishing Emporium (100% favour)Port Piscarilius25010m Coins 5.png 15Coins 5.png 14Member icon.png
Harry's Fishing Shop.Catherby010m Coins 5.png 15Coins 5.png 10Member icon.png
Frankie's Fishing Emporium (75% favour)Port Piscarilius10010m Coins 5.png 15Coins 5.png 12Member icon.png
Fishing Guild Shop.Fishing Guild06m Coins 5.png 15Coins 5.png 10Member icon.png
Two Feet Charley's Fish Shop.Mos Le'Harmless710m Coins 5.png 15Coins 5.png 9Member icon.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 September 2018

The value was changed from 25 to 15.