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This article is about raw manta ray. For the cooked form, see Manta ray.
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Raw manta ray are fish that can be obtained with level 81 Fishing. They can be caught while playing the Fishing Trawler minigame or while drift net fishing at Fossil Island with 90 Fishing without boosts. They are also a possible reward from a bowl of fish bought from Mairin's Market. They can be cooked into manta rays with 91 Cooking, giving 216.3 experience.

With level 99 Cooking and Cooking gauntlets, players still burn approximately 23% of manta rays. With a Cooking cape equipped, manta rays will never burn.

With level 91 Cooking, Cooking Gauntlets and Hosidius Range, players will burn approximately 8% of manta rays (21 burned in a sample size of 260).

A raw manta ray can be used as an offering to Fossegrimen in Rellekka to enchant a lyre to create an enchanted lyre.

Catching and cooking a manta ray is a requirement for the Elite Ardougne Diary.

FishingFishing icon.png Fishing
Fishing icon.png Level Stats icon.png Experience Small fishing net.png Equipment Fishing spot icon.png Fishing Spots
81 46 None Fishing Trawler
CookingCooking icon.png Cooking
Cooking icon.png Level Stats icon.png Experience Burnt shrimp.png Burn level Hitpoints icon.png Health Restored
91 216.3 99 (with cooking cape) 22

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Bowl of fishN/A Casket.png0–2 (noted)Always
Brimstone chestN/A Casket.png80–160 (noted)1/20
Fish shoal44 Hunter icon.png1Varies
Fishing TrawlerN/A Casket.pngUnknownVaries
Larran's big chestN/A Casket.pngUnknownCommon
Larran's small chestN/A Casket.pngUnknownCommon
Reward casket (elite)N/A Casket.png15 (noted)Common
Reward casket (master)N/A Casket.png15 (noted)Common
The Mimic186 Multicombat.png15 (noted)Common

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 September 2018
The value was changed from 500 to 200.