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This article is about raw salmon. For the cooked version, see Salmon.
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Raw salmon are fish that can be caught with a Fishing level of 30, granting 70 Fishing experience per catch. It can be cooked into salmon with a Cooking level of 25. Players will stop burning salmon unaided at a Cooking level of 58 or 55 when using the Lumbridge Castle range. Successfully cooking a salmon yields 90 Cooking experience. Raw salmon are caught through fly fishing, which requires a Fishing level of 30, a fly fishing rod, and feathers. The fish are caught with the lure option at Lure/Bait fishing spots found in rivers. When fly fishing, the ratio of trout caught to salmon caught is approximately 3:2. Fly fishing trout and salmon is a very common way for players to train Fishing quickly.

Fishing Fishing
Level Experience Equipment Fishing Spots
30 70 Fly fishing rod Lure (River)
Cooking Cooking
Level Experience Burn level Health Restored
25 90 58 9

Products[edit | edit source]

  • 25 Cooking
  • 90 Cooking

Fishing locations[edit | edit source]

There are 13 fishing locations at which salmon can be caught:

  • Barbarian Village: On the west side of the River Lum. There are always two spots, spread between just north of the bridge and the small peninsula. There is a permanent fire, making it a crowded training location. This is the closest fly fishing spot to a bank in free to play, with the Edgeville bank close by.
  • Lumbridge: There are spots on the east side of the River Lum. Like in Barbarian village, the fishing locations are grouped into two areas. A shop to sell catches to is nearby. The nearest bank is located in Lumbridge Castle. Dead trees are very common here for making fires, or the Lumbridge range can be used, which decreases the burn chance by 10%.
  • Shilo Village: Requires Shilo Village quest. This is the closest fly-fishing spot to a bank and there is a fishing shop in-town. The fishing spots, however, are far apart from each other.
  • Between Seers' Village & Sinclair Mansion: This spot is fairly close to a bank.
  • Entrana: There is now a deposit box right by the monks who checks you for entrance to Entrana. Use of this makes Entrana a much more accessible place for fishing. There is a range nearby for easy and fast cooking experience.
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold: Located in the south-western corner of the stronghold near Brimstail's cave and the Terrorbird pen, this area is close to a bank.
  • East Ardougne: Just north of town are two fishing spots. There is a bank located just across the river. It is a short walk if you have 33 Agility and can use the log shortcut.
  • Observatory: Not too far north of Castle Wars, this spot is far enough from a bank to be less than optimal.
  • Isafdar: Requires Regicide. The only bank that is remotely close requires passing through traps that can heavily damage players. Fishing here is not advised.
  • River west of Fishing Guild: This spot is not near a bank, but there is a wandering merchant, Rasolo, just north of the area who will buy players' fish. This experience is faster than that provided by Shilo Village, but players cannot bank their fish, although the gold from the fish that is sold cancels out the cost of feathers. This is the recommended area to fly fish if players are solely interested in experience.
  • Fisher Realm: Requires Holy Grail quest. There is no bank nearby.
  • River Molch near Mount Karuulm.
  • River Hos: West of the Hosidius Bank

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Fish stall42 Thieving icon.png1Unknown
Mogre60 Multicombat.png14/128
River troll14–159 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
This content is present in Twisted League. Supply crateN/A Casket.png6–11 (noted)Varies

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Gerrant's Fishy Business.Port Sarim0Coins 25.png 30Coins 5.png 21Free-to-play icon.png
Fernahei's Fishing Hut.Shilo Village0Coins 25.png 30Coins 5.png 21Member icon.png
Fernahei's Fishing Hut. (Karamja gloves)Shilo Village0Coins 25.png 30Coins 5.png 24Member icon.png
Lovecraft's TackleWitchaven0Coins 25.png 30Coins 5.png 15Member icon.png
Flosi's FishmongersJatizso20Coins 25.png 33Coins 5.png 21Member icon.png
Warrens Fish MongerThis content is present in Twisted League. The Warrens0Coins 25.png 39Coins 5.png 21Member icon.png
Rufus' Meat EmporiumCanifis5Coins 25.png 39Coins 5.png 21Member icon.png
Island FishmongerMiscellania0Coins 25.png 39Coins 5.png 21Member icon.png
Etceteria FishEtceteria0Coins 25.png 39Coins 5.png 21Member icon.png
Fremennik Fish MongerRellekka0Coins 25.png 39Coins 5.png 21Member icon.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 September 2018
The value was changed from 50 to 30 so that it would appear below more valuable items when on the ground.