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Reanimation spells are a category of spells in the Arceuus spellbook. Requiring 60% Arceuus favour to use, these spells reanimate certain creatures whose heads still contain their souls. Killing reanimated creatures will grant Arceuus favour and Prayer experience, depending on the reanimated creature. A majority of reanimated creatures will have a maximum of 35 Hitpoints.

If players are on a Slayer task for the appropriate reanimated creature (such as a reanimated abyssal), they will also receive 35 Slayer experience for killing the reanimated creatures. Similarly, if reanimating a Slayer creature, players must have the appropriate Slayer level in order to claim the Prayer experience. The following reanimated creatures will not grant Slayer experience, due to the fact that multiple types of task monsters can drop the same head: demons, giants, horrors, and dragons.

These spells can be cast anywhere across Gielinor only if the ensouled head is obtained as a drop from the respective monster, and using it within the area. Teleporting removes the ability for the spell to be cast outside the range of the Dark Altar, and attempting to cast the spell afterward will result in the following message: That creature cannot be reanimated so far from where it died, but the power of the crystals by the dark altar will increase the potency of the spell.

If players perform one of the following actions after obtaining an ensouled head, they must head to the Dark Altar in order to reanimate the ensouled head.

  • Obtaining ensouled heads from other sources (e.g other players, Grand Exchange, etc.)
  • Trying to reanimate it too far from where it was dropped (35x35 tiles area)
  • Banking the ensouled head before returning to the area

List of reanimation spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic Level Runes Experience Compatible ensouled heads
Basic Reanimation.png Basic Reanimation icon (mobile).png Basic Reanimation Magic 16 4Body 2Nature 32 Goblin, monkey, imp, minotaur, scorpion, bear, unicorn
Adept Reanimation.png Adept Reanimation icon (mobile).png Adept Reanimation Magic 41 4Body 3Nature 1Soul 80 Dog, chaos druid, ogre, giant, elf, troll, horror
Expert Reanimation.png Expert Reanimation icon (mobile).png Expert Reanimation Magic 72 1Blood 3Nature 2Soul 138 Kalphite, dagannoth, bloodveld, TzHaar, demon, hellhound
Master Reanimation.png Master Reanimation icon (mobile).png Master Reanimation Magic 90 2Blood 4Nature 4Soul 170 Aviansie, abyssal demon, dragon