Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Sir Amik Varze

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After starting the Legends' Quest, inspect Sir Amik to start, then talk to the Cook. He will tell you how to make Crème Brulée Supreme: mix milk and cream, add a pot of cornflour, a vanilla pod from the Kharazi Jungle, the egg of the Evil Chicken and cinnamon, made by crushing a dramen branch. Then, you must flambé it using a dragon somehow.

Note: The ingredients can be gathered in any order, but must be combined in this order. Be sure to also speak to the Cook about freeing Sir Amik, or else you will be unable to inquire about the Evil Chicken's whereabouts later on.
Note: Do not start Swan Song before completing this subquest. The Wise Old Man will not have a dialogue option about the Evil Chicken and only talk about the runes you have to bring him for Swan Song. When you give him the runes he will teleport away. If you have started Swan Song you must complete up to "Repairing the Colony" before you can continue.
  1. Use (do not eat it!) your cream on your milk to mix them.
  2. Make a pot of cornflour by grinding a raw sweetcorn in a windmill and filling your pot with it. Add it to the mix.
  3. Go to the south-west section of the Kharazi Jungle and pick a vanilla pod from the vanilla plants near the coastline. Add it to the mix.

Evil Chicken and Black Dragon

There are five vanilla plants. You only need one Vanilla Pod to complete the quest, and the item has no other uses.
  1. Note: If you do not talk to the Cook before this point in the sub-quest, you will not have the option to ask about the Evil Chicken through the Wise Old Man's Dialogue. Return to Lumbridge Castle and talk to him if you have not done so.
  2. Talk to the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village. Choose the option about wanting to ask him something, and ask to talk about strange beasts, and then, ask about the Evil Chicken.
Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. Any items left on the ground will be lost.
  1. Enter Zanaris and use the bank to set up for some combat: bring your Anti-dragon shield, and whatever you think you'll need to kill the Evil Chicken and a safespottable level 227 black dragon. In case you choose to bank between them, you will need another raw chicken. The Evil Chicken is level 159 if you are between 58-100 combat — level 170 if you're higher. Once you are ready for the fights, equip your anti-dragon shield, and use a raw chicken (green Raw chicken from Morytania will not work) on the Evil Chicken shrine north of the fairy ring that leads to the shack in Lumbridge (North-east of the fairy ring that you teleport into normally).
  2. Run past the black dragons into the northern cave (not the mining-area to the east), and kill the Evil Chicken. It fights the same as it used to during random event fights. The Evil Chicken hits frequently, but for very low damage - it shouldn't be too hard to kill. Take note that if you happen to die before you leave the lair after killing the Evil Chicken, all items dropped on death will disappear! Pick up the egg it drops.
    A player fighting the Evil Chicken in its lair.
  3. Next, with your anti-dragon shield (or Dragonfire shield) equipped, go back to the black dragons—you will need to kill one. If you are ranging or using a halberd, there is a safespot just inside the corridor that leads to a mine. When it dies, the dragon will drop a token. Pick it up.
  4. Back in a bank, add the egg to the brulee, and then, grind your dramen branch into cinnamon with your pestle and mortar and add that too. A game message should now tell you that "Now it just needs flambeing."
  5. Put your ice gloves on, and then, rub the token. K'klik will appear. Wish for it to flambé your brulee to cook it. You will likely die if you don't wear any ice gloves (it is possible to reload the game to stop the scene if you forgot, alternatively you can use the second dialogue option "Could I just keep your token" to exit the dialogue & return to the world). (Antifire potion + Anti-dragon shield works as well.) If a cat or kitten is following you, a glitch may occur where it disappears. Your pet is still following you - simply log out and log back in to fix this or "Call follower" on "Worn Equipment" tab.
  6. Travel back to Lumbridge Castle and then give the brulee to Sir Amik Varze to protect him.
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K'klik's theme
The music which plays when meeting K'klik.
K'klik flambees the brulee.


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