Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Skrach Uglogwee

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Freeing Skrach Uglogwee (#100.9)
Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Skrach Uglogwee.png
Released 15 March 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series None
Official difficulty Special
Lead developer(s) James B (framework)


Start pointQuest point icon.png Inspect Skrach Uglogwee.
Official difficultySpecial
DescriptionTo protect Skrach Uglogwee from the Culinaromancer, you need to feed him a cooked jubbly bird, the most delicious type of Chompy in the Feldip Hills. You need to talk to Rantz to learn how to get one.
Official lengthMedium
Items required
Enemies to defeat None


Rantz chathead.png

Inspect Skrach Uglogwee to start the quest. Head to the Feldip Hills (fairy ring code aks) and talk to Rantz. He will tell you that he wants to travel to Karamja to make some type of potion, but before that, he wants you to meet him south-east of his cave. Walk directly south-east towards the transportation symbol on your map. Talk to him again, go through the dialogue; he will kick over a tree and ask you to make it into a boat. Use your axe on it TWICE to make a boat. Talk to Rantz again and he will shoot an arrow to a tree on Karamja. Talk to him once more and he will tell you to cook a chompy there for good luck. If you don't have any raw chompies, kill a chompy bird or two and gather the raw chompies before you leave. If you didn't bring Logs, chop down a normal tree in the area to get one log.

The location you need to make the fire.

Travel to Karamja:

  • If you have used the fairy ring tele (Karamja is ckr) then make your way west towards the coastline and then north up the coast until you find a tree with an arrow in it. There are also dead trees to the west coastline if you still need a log.
  • If you have traveled to Brimhaven, travel south past the general store and hug the west coastline.

The tree with the arrow in it is north-west of Tai Bwo Wannai village, just north of Banisoch, who is marked with a dungeon icon - the tree is denoted by the Transportation icon.

Make a fire next to the tree, and then, use your iron spit on a chompy and cook it. If you succeed, Rantz's kids will take the boat to you and take you back.

Rantz will tell you to make a balloon toad to use as bait, to catch the Jubbly bird.

  • Fill your bellows up on the swamp—then, use them on a toad. You should get around three toads just to be sure, because the next part can fail.
  • Mine the same amount of rocks as you have toads to the west of the swamp, just north of the Fairy Ring, to get a "rock". There is also a mining spot next to Rantz's cave.
  • With the rock and ball of wool in your inventory, inflate the bellows with swamp gas again; then, use them on your already inflated toad to create a balloon toad. The ball of wool is not consumed upon its creation.
  • Drop the balloon toad south of Rantz's cave or east of the gnome glider.
The jubbly bird appears!
  • Now, wait for the Jubbly bird (level 9). If it doesn't appear, you'll have get another balloon toad (If you're having trouble getting a Jubbly bird to spawn, log out and log back in). When it appears, kill it with your ogre bow. Then pluck it, take the meat, and cook it on Rantz' ogre spit. Go back to Lumbridge Castle and then carefully right-click and use the cooked jubbly on Skrach Uglogwee. If you eat it, you'll have to get another one.
    • Killing and cooking multiple jubblies may be beneficial in the event that you burn/accidentally eat some.


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