Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Goblin generals/Quick guide

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Start pointMinimap icon Inspect one of the goblin generals in the Lumbridge Castle dining room.
Official difficultySpecial
DescriptionThe goblin generals need a food that they'll both eat. Find a chef in Goblin Village to learn how to make it.
Official lengthShort

Completion of the following quests:

Items required
Enemies to defeat None


  • Inspect one of the goblin generals in Lumbridge Castle dining room.
  • Go to the Goblin Village and climb down the ladder in the north-east building.
  • Talk to the Goblin Cook. (Chat 21), then talk to him again and give him the charcoal. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to the Goblin Cook again. (Chat 3)
    • Slice an orange and add blue, green, or purple dye. (Doesn't matter which)
    • Use spice on a fishing bait.
    • Use a bucket of water on bread.
  • Talk to the Goblin Cook again. (Chat 3)
  • Give the slop of compromise to the generals in Lumbridge.
  • Congratulations, section complete!


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing the Goblin generals) reward scroll.png