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This guide is the expansion of all subquests of Recipe for Disaster.
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This quest has a quick guide found here.
It briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest.

Recipe for Disaster is the 100th quest released by Jagex, being a sequel to the Cook's Assistant quest. It is composed of 10 subquests, ranging in difficulty from very easy to very hard. It is intended to be a quest which nearly any member can start, but which only the most accomplished and willing players can complete.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Feast[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
The Secret Council
The music that plays during the long cutscene.

Enter the doors to the dining room to begin the feast. The members of the Lumbridge council are gathered at the table:

Right before you enter, the Duke will get the strange box event and will leave the room to fiddle with it, and Osman will get taken away by Evil Bob. At this point, you will enter the room. A short while later, the Culinaromancer crashes the party and starts to attack everyone at the dining table with magic spells. Luckily, Gypsy Aris will show up and freeze everyone in time (except the player and herself).

Gypsy Aris explains that the Culinaromancer was a cook in Lumbridge a hundred years ago and had threatened the secret council with death, only to be thwarted by the Duke's assistant, who managed to trap him in another dimension. This assistant was the cook's ancestor, and was made head cook for life.

The current head cook, whom you helped build the feast, apparently created a powerful food-magic, which released the Culinaromancer from his prison. Seeing him, Gypsy Aris casts the aforementioned spell, so that you both can protect the council from the Culinaromancer's attacks. While she can easily seal the Culinaromancer in a heartbeat, due to the fact you caused the Culinaromancer to awaken she holds you responsible and sends you to save them as the magic is causing a temporal paradox that could destroy the known reality with the magic.

After the feast, you will be able to enter and exit the dining hall at will. However, the room will be in a dormant state. To release each member of the council from the Culinaromancer's spell, you must feed each of them their favourite food. Gypsy Aris and Cook will both be there to help you. You can complete these subquests in any order, and start as many of them at a time as you want.

After you give each member their favourite dish, Gypsy Aris teleports them away to safety and tells you how many more council members are left. Each subquest gives 1 quest point and some access to the Culinaromancer's Chest, as well as additional rewards such as items or lamps of experience.

Freeing the Goblin generals[edit | edit source]



Items required: Bread, an orange, a knife, dye (other than red, yellow, orange, or pink), spice, fishing bait, a bucket of water, and charcoal.

General Bentnoze chathead.png

First, inspect the frozen goblin generals in the Lumbridge Castle dining room to start the quest.

Go to the Goblin Village, enter the building just south of the generals and climb down the ladder. You will see Mudknuckles, a goblin cook. He will tell you to get him some charcoal to finish a cooking recipe that he overheard two dwarves talking about. Give him the charcoal. He will add it to his cauldron, which will explode in a hilarious cutscene. Miraculously, you both survive.

General Wartface chathead.png
The chef claims it worked.

Mudknuckles will then tell you that he has trouble with the food, as both the generals are bickering over it. To make food for the generals, he needs oranges that aren't orange, maggots that aren't bland, and bread that isn't crunchy. You can make the ingredients listed below:

Give all three to Mudknuckles to get the Slop of compromise. Give it to the goblin generals in Lumbridge to complete this part of the quest.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing the Goblin generals) reward scroll.png

Freeing the Mountain dwarf[edit | edit source]



Items required: 316 coins, a bucket of milk, flour, an egg, a bowl of water, gloves (ice gloves recommended), and 2 Falador teleports (1 if you have ice gloves).

Location of Rohak, under White Wolf Mountain.
Rohak chathead.png

Inspect the dwarf to start the quest.

Go to Falador, and talk to any of the three barmaids in the Rising Sun Inn next to the west bank. Ask her about dwarves and ale. She will offer to tell you the secret recipe for Asgoldian ale for the price of 200 coins. If you have the activated ring of charos, charm her (chat option is persuade). She will tell you to add a gold coin to an Asgarnian ale to get an Asgoldian ale. Buy four (4) (or six) Asgarnian ales from her (or go to The Toad and Chicken pub in Burthorpe and pick up the ales for free), then add a coin to each one as per the secret recipe.

Go to the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain (a Camelot teleport or Games Necklace are useful for a short walk). You will see An old Dwarf in the bar area. Talk to him. He will refuse to bake a Dwarven rock cake for you, but he'll mention the Rising Sun Inn.

Use the Asgoldian ales on Rohak. Quickly give them to him to get him drunk, or he will sober up and you will need to get more Asgoldian ales again.

Rohak creates the dwarven rock cake.

He will agree to make you a dwarven rock cake for 100 gold. Give him your bucket of milk, egg, flour, and bowl of water, then put on your ice gloves before taking the rock cake; if you're wearing normal gloves, you avoid taking damage but the rock cake still needs to cool. If you do not wear any gloves at all, you'll take damage and the rock cake will drop to the ground and disappear before you can bank and return. If this happens you will need to return to Rohak with all of the ingredients again. You will need to cool it down before you can give it to the Dwarf back in Lumbridge.

If you have ice gloves, picking up the cake cools it immediately. Without ice gloves, you have to kill an icefiend with the rock cake in your inventory. The other option is to leave it in the bank, though you will have to wait several hours for it to cool down. You can find icefiends on Ice Mountain, west of the Edgeville Monastery.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing the Mountain Dwarf) reward scroll.png

Freeing Evil Dave[edit | edit source]



Evil Dave chathead.png
Note: This section alone has been known to take some players well over 90 minutes to complete, so come prepared!
Note: There appears to currently be a bug, although rare, where if you teleport outside of the dining hall with a hellcat, it will turn invisible, and you will not be able to see or interact with it. If this happens, simply log out and back in, and you should have your hellcat back. (It will be following you—you won't need a free inventory space.)

Inspect Evil Dave in the Lumbridge Castle Dining Room to start the quest. Then go to Edgeville. The house west of the bank is Evil Dave's mother's house. Talk to her and ask her either question. Then, climb down the trapdoor. You will see that Evil Dave has gotten into summoning demons as well. However, they are hellrats, the weakest form of demon ever. Talk to him, and ask him what he ate, saying he must tell you "because the magic requires it". He'll eventually tell you that it was a perfectly spicy evil stew, like the ones his mother makes. Talk to Doris (Dave's mother) again. She will tell you that the hellrats stole all of the spices.

Hunting heinous hell-rats.

Since the Hell-Rat Behemoths cannot be fought until the subquest is completed, you will need to hunt down hellrats instead. If your cat catches a hellrat, you will get a brown, red, yellow or orange spice, which contains anywhere from 1 to 4 doses. When your cat catches 7 hellrats it will become a hellcat.

Using these spices, you must construct the perfect stew for Evil Dave, which will be a stew that contains all four of the spices, but at different random values between 1-3. This can be a very time consuming process, so to conserve spices and save a lot of time with this, focus on finding out one spice potency at a time.

Start off by using (1) dose of one colour on a stew and give it to Evil Dave. He will then eat and comment on your stew, there are two outcomes from this:

Correct: If he says, "one of the spices is correct, the rest are incorrect" that means the current number you used is correct. Write it down.

Incorrect: If he says "none of them are right", you will need to try again. Make a stew with two doses of spice in it. If it works, the correct amount of that spice is two. If Dave still doesn't like it, you know the correct amount of spice is 3. You do not need to "confirm" it any further.

At most, you will need six doses of each spice, as you cannot put more than three doses of a single spice in one stew. Keep doing this, and eventually you will find out 1 value for each of the 4 spices.

Make this final stew with the correct values of spice and give it to Evil Dave, and he will say that it is correct. He will not eat all of the stew this time. Make sure you finish the entire dialogue! Bring it back to Evil Dave in Lumbridge; make sure you do not eat the stew, or you will have to go back and get the spices again.

Excess spices can be dropped or kept in the bank to make more spicy stews for personal use. Note, that they may be decanted to 4-dose items much like potions


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing Evil Dave) reward scroll.png

Freeing the Lumbridge Guide[edit | edit source]



Inspect the frozen Lumbridge Guide to start the quest. Grab the required items from the Culinaromancer's Chest if you don't have them yet, then talk to Wizard Traiborn. He can be found in his room, by going up one flight of stairs in the Wizards' Tower. (Code: dis)

Traiborn chathead.png
The egg quiz.

You must pass a short quiz to get your egg enchanted. You will be shown an NPC that you've seen in one of the required quests, then will be asked who it is. Answer correctly three times to get the egg enchanted.

Some of the people:


You will be asked a general question about RuneScape. Answer three correctly to get it enchanted.

Some of the questions:

  • Combat level of Goblins near Lumbridge - 2
  • Defence requirements to wear a Mystic hat - 20
  • Glass vial is to 33 as a glass orb is to - 46
  • A gold ring is to 5 as a holy symbol is to - 16
  • Guild closest to Fishing Platform - Legends'
  • How much GP does it take to bribe a guard at the toll gate to Al Kharid prior to earning their trust? - 10
  • I can hear howling in one direction and buzzing in the other—where am I? - Catherby
  • If I'm going to need glass, first I will need - Sand, bucket, soda ash, glassblowing pipe
  • I'm in a bar west of Pollnivneach. Where am I? - Bandit Camp
  • Take the number of fire runes required to cast Fire Strike, and multiply by the number of air runes used to cast Wind Strike before adding the number of earth runes used to cast Earth Wave. What do you get? - 10
  • The River Salve runs from - North to south
  • What doesn't lie between Morytania and Asgarnia? - Keep Le Faye
  • What Ingredients are used in a cake? - Flour, eggs, milk
  • Which tower is closest to the Crafting Guild - Dark Wizards' Tower
  • What is the defence level requirement to wear a Mystic Hat? - 20
  • What is the nearest guild to the Fishing Platform (as the seagull files)? - Legends'

You must pass a memory test. You will be shown 3 groups of ten items out of a total of 5 groups, then must answer a question about them. Answer three correctly to get enchanted flour. When answering the questions, don't use the ESC key to close the interface as it will reset that portion of the test.

Some of the questions:

Some of the possible item groups:

Use any ingredient on the cake tin to automatically prepare the cake for baking. Cook the tin on the range in Lumbridge castle to create the cake, and give it to the frozen guide.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing the Lumbridge Guide) reward scroll.png

Freeing Pirate Pete[edit | edit source]



Items required: A pestle and mortar, a raw cod, a knife, and bread.

Pirate Pete chathead.png

Inspect Pirate Pete to start the quest. Talk to the Cook in the next room. He will tell you to get ground cod, breadcrumbs, ground crab meat, and ground kelp. He will tell you that Murphy in Port Khazard will help you get the crab meat and kelp. Make sure to ask him each available question pertaining to the ingredients, or you may not be able to make them. If you are at the end of the quest, and you cannot make the fishcake, simply inspect Pirate Pete in the dining room, and then talk to the cook again.

Note: It's recommended that you get extra kelp and crab meat, especially if you have a low Cooking level, as if you burn the fishcake, you will have to go back to do it all over again. Luckily, you don't need any more bronze wire and hides, so just get extra cod, bread, kelp, and the meat.

Under the sea

Items required: A pestle and mortar, A fishbowl (empty), a needle, 3 bronze wires, weight less than 27 kg, at least 5 free inventory spaces, and a weapon (optional but recommended).

Underwater, talking to Nung.

Go to Murphy, who can be found at Port Khazard (Minigame Teleport to the Fishing Trawler), to get your fishbowl made into a diving apparatus. Put it on, then ask to go diving. Your weight must be under 27 kilograms. Have multiple empty inventory spots, as you will not be able to drop items underwater if you need to pick up new items. The nearby Bank chest may be useful. You may not bring a Cat with you, on the ground or in your inventory, and attempting to will prompt some amusing dialogue from Murphy.

Once you're underwater, find a tall plant, and pick it for the kelp. Then, look for a crab pen to the north. Talk to Nung. He will tell you to get him five mudskipper hides. Head to the entrance to the mudskippers' cave, on the western wall of the underwater area. Pick up five rocks near the entrance to the cave and then enter the cave. While in the cave (and the crab pen thereafter), you will be able to wield weapons as normal as you will be standing upright. Kill five mudskippers (level 30 and 31) to get hides. (Remember to give them to Nung before surfacing, as they will disappear!) Take them back to Nung. Give him your needle and three bronze wire; he will let you into the crab pen after this.

In the pen, kill a crab and collect its meat. Grind the crabmeat and kelp with a pestle and mortar. Get some extras in case you burn the fishcake.

Return to and speak with the Cook. Use the ingredients on each other, and cook it to get a fishcake. Right-click and use it on (don't eat it!) Pirate Pete in the dining room for your reward.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing Pirate Pete) reward scroll.png

Freeing Skrach Uglogwee[edit | edit source]



Note: Purchasing Raw Jubblies on the Grand exchange WILL NOT work to cook on Rantz's Spit, you must hunt and cook your own.

Rantz chathead.png

Inspect Skrach Uglogwee to start the quest. Head to the Feldip Hills (fairy ring code aks) and talk to Rantz. He will tell you that he wants to travel to Karamja to make some type of potion, but before that, he wants you to meet him south-east of his cave. Walk directly south-east towards the transportation symbol on your map. Talk to him again, go through the dialogue; he will kick over a tree and ask you to make it into a boat. Use your axe on it TWICE to make a boat. Talk to Rantz again and he will shoot an arrow to a tree on Karamja. Talk to him once more and he will tell you to cook a chompy there for good luck. If you don't have any raw chompies, kill a chompy bird or two and gather the raw chompies before you leave. If you didn't bring Logs, chop down a normal tree in the area to get one log.

The location you need to make the fire.

Travel to Karamja:

  • If you have used the fairy ring tele (Karamja is ckr) then make your way west towards the coastline and then north up the coast until you find a tree with an arrow in it. There are also dead trees to the west coastline if you still need a log.
  • If you have traveled to Brimhaven, travel south past the general store and hug the west coastline.

The tree with the arrow in it is north-west of Tai Bwo Wannai village, just north of Banisoch, who is marked with a dungeon icon - the tree is denoted by the Transportation icon.

Make a fire next to the tree, and then, use your iron spit on a chompy and cook it. If you succeed, Rantz's kids will take the boat to you and take you back.

Rantz will tell you to make a balloon toad to use as bait, to catch the Jubbly bird.

  • Fill your bellows up on the swamp—then, use them on a toad. You should get around three toads just to be sure, because the next part can fail.
  • Mine the same amount of rocks as you have toads to the west of the swamp, just north of the Fairy Ring, to get a "rock". There is also a mining spot next to Rantz's cave.
  • With the rock and ball of wool in your inventory, inflate the bellows with swamp gas again; then, use them on your already inflated toad to create a balloon toad. The ball of wool is not consumed upon its creation.
  • Drop the balloon toad south of Rantz's cave or east of the gnome glider.
The jubbly bird appears!
  • Now, wait for the Jubbly bird (level 9). If it doesn't appear, you'll have get another balloon toad (If you're having trouble getting a Jubbly bird to spawn, log out and log back in). When it appears, kill it with your ogre bow. Then pluck it, take the meat, and cook it on Rantz' ogre spit. Go back to Lumbridge Castle and then carefully right-click and use the cooked jubbly on Skrach Uglogwee. If you eat it, you'll have to get another one.
    • Killing and cooking multiple jubblies may be beneficial in the event that you burn/accidentally eat some.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing Skrach Uglogwee) reward scroll.png

Freeing Sir Amik Varze[edit | edit source]



Sir Amik Varze chathead.png

After starting the Legends' Quest, inspect Sir Amik to start, then talk to the Cook. He will tell you how to make Crème Brulée Supreme: mix milk and cream, add a pot of cornflour, a vanilla pod from the Kharazi Jungle, the egg of the Evil Chicken and cinnamon, made by crushing a dramen branch. Then, you must flambé it using a dragon somehow.

Note: The ingredients can be gathered in any order, but must be combined in this order. Be sure to also speak to the Cook about freeing Sir Amik, or else you will be unable to inquire about the Evil Chicken's whereabouts later on.
Note: Do not start Swan Song before completing this subquest. The Wise Old Man will not have a dialogue option about the Evil Chicken and only talk about the runes you have to bring him for Swan Song. When you give him the runes he will teleport away. If you have started Swan Song you must complete up to "Repairing the Colony" before you can continue.
  1. Use (do not eat it!) your cream on your milk to mix them.
  2. Make a pot of cornflour by grinding a raw sweetcorn in a windmill and filling your pot with it. Add it to the mix.
  3. Go to the south-west section of the Kharazi Jungle and pick a vanilla pod from the vanilla plants near the coastline. Add it to the mix.
Evil Chicken and Black Dragon
There are five vanilla plants. You only need one Vanilla Pod to complete the quest, and the item has no other uses.
  1. Note: If you do not talk to the Cook before this point in the sub-quest, you will not have the option to ask about the Evil Chicken through the Wise Old Man's Dialogue. Return to Lumbridge Castle and talk to him if you have not done so.
  2. Talk to the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village. Choose the option about wanting to ask him something, and ask to talk about strange beasts, and then, ask about the Evil Chicken.
Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. Any items left on the ground will be lost.
A player fighting the Evil Chicken in its lair.
  1. Enter Zanaris and use the bank to set up for some combat: bring your Anti-dragon shield, and whatever you think you'll need to kill the Evil Chicken and a safespottable level 227 black dragon. In case you choose to bank between them, you will need another raw chicken. The Evil Chicken is level 159 if you are between 58-100 combat — level 170 if you're higher. Once you are ready for the fights, equip your anti-dragon shield, and use a raw chicken (green Raw chicken from Morytania will not work) on the Evil Chicken shrine north of the fairy ring that leads to the shack in Lumbridge (North-east of the fairy ring that you teleport into normally).
  2. Run past the black dragons into the northern cave (not the mining-area to the east), and kill the Evil Chicken. It fights the same as it used to during random event fights. The Evil Chicken hits frequently, but for very low damage - it shouldn't be too hard to kill. Take note that if you happen to die before you leave the lair after killing the Evil Chicken, all items dropped on death will disappear! Pick up the egg it drops.
  3. Next, with your anti-dragon shield (or Dragonfire shield) equipped, go back to the black dragons—you will need to kill one. If you are ranging or using a halberd, there is a safespot just inside the corridor that leads to a mine. When it dies, the dragon will drop a token. Pick it up.
  4. Back in a bank, add the egg to the brulee, and then, grind your dramen branch into cinnamon with your pestle and mortar and add that too. A game message should now tell you that "Now it just needs flambeing."
  5. Put your ice gloves on, and then, rub the token. K'klik will appear (you must be in Lumbridge or Zanaris for this to work). Wish for it to flambé your brulee to cook it. You will likely die if you don't wear any ice gloves (it is possible to reload the game to stop the scene if you forgot, alternatively you can use the second dialogue option "Could I just keep your token" to exit the dialogue & return to the world). (Antifire potion + Anti-dragon shield works as well.) If a cat or kitten is following you, a glitch may occur where it disappears. Your pet is still following you - simply log out and log back in to fix this or "Call follower" on "Worn Equipment" tab.
  6. Travel back to Lumbridge Castle and then give the brulee to Sir Amik Varze to protect him.
Audio options icon.png
K'klik's theme
The music which plays when meeting K'klik.
K'klik flambees the brulee.


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing Sir Amik Varze) reward scroll.png

Freeing King Awowogei[edit | edit source]



Inspect Awowogei at the table to start the quest, then travel to Ape Atoll.

Recommended items throughout the stay at Ape Atoll: M'speak amulet, Karamjan monkey greegree (or other greegrees), antipoison and food.

The easiest way to get to Ape Atoll is to use fairy ring code clr, which leads to the middle of the agility course. If you have a ninja greegree, equip it and complete the agility course. Otherwise, attempt the rope swing as a human. You will fall and be put in jail. Then you can equip a different greegree, pick the lock and leave.

You can also get to Ape Atoll by going to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Grand Tree and speaking to Daero.


Items needed: 3,000 coins or 3 monkey talismans.

Recommended: Combat equipment to kill a ninja monkey and a zombie monkey, Ranged or Magic equipment to kill a monkey guard, Prayer potion and food for combat and running through Ape Atoll dungeon. A stamina potion is highly recommended to massively reduce the amount of time spent running through the very long dungeon.

In order to make the three required greegrees, you must bring a monkey talisman and the respective bones to Zooknock (located at the end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon). Monkey talismans can be purchased from the rune salesman Tutab on ape atoll for 1,000 coins each, or obtained for free from the Monkey Child.

Once you land on Ape Atoll, head north with a greegree equipped (use the karamjan greegree if you do not have the others) and pass through the gate. Purchase three monkey talismans from the rune salesman. Next, kill a Monkey Guard and take its bones. Monkey Guards are located near the prayer altar on Ape Atoll. Make sure to use Ranged or Magic and safespot them, Melee can be used but Monkey Guards will heal themselves when they reaching low health so high damage is needed to combat this. A safespot location is in the north-east corner of the building behind the fire, or to the south behind the ladder.

Next you will need to kill a Monkey Archer. North of the bank icon on the mini-map are two ninja monkeys (monkey archers); either protect from range or safespot (by standing in the tall grass) to kill one. Make sure to grab the bones.

Zombie monkeys can be found in the Ape Atoll dungeon (entrance located on the south side of the island). This is the same cave that Zooknock can be found in. Be wary of traps and poisonous spiders.

Equip any greegree you have already, so that the monsters in the dungeon to Zooknook do not attack you. Negating the need for prayer potions.

Rubble will constantly fall on you throughout the cave dealing small amounts of damage. It is a good idea to bring antipoison potions and food. Kill a zombie monkey in the cave and collect its bones.

Speak with Zooknock at the end of the cave with all three bones and talismans. Confirm that you want to make another (he calls it a talisman) greegree and then use the bones and talisman on Zooknock (he will pause after the conversation before giving you the greegree). Repeat this three times with the different bones to get all three greegrees.

Awowogei's Palace

Buy monkey nuts and grab a normal banana if you have not already. Make sure you've equipped one of your greegrees and your m'speak amulet. Go to Awowogei's palace on Ape Atoll by talking to the Elder Guard to let you in.

Note: You must have started the quest by inspecting Awowogei at the table before the Elder Guard will let you through.

Talk to Awowogei about his favourite food; he will refuse to divulge it, but will mention three monkeys in the temple. The three monkeys are located in the temple north of Awowogei, in the north-west corner of the ground floor. Tell them that you're planning a surprise party for the king. They will tell you to stuff the corpse of a big snake with banana slices and monkey nut paste. If you have a banana and the monkey nuts with you, speak to them again, twice, one for banana and one for monkey nuts. They will tell you that these are not good enough for the king's sophisticated palate, and that you will need to replace the ingredients with the sacred red banana and the tchiki monkey nuts. The normal banana and monkey nuts are no longer needed after this point. Be sure to speak with all 3 monkeys or the red banana tree will not spawn.

Note: If you speak with the three monkeys with a red banana in your inventory, they will eat it and you will need to get another.

Note: If your cooking level is at or just above the requirement (or you are boosting) the failure rate for cooking the stuffed snake is quite high. It is useful to obtain multiple tchiki monkey nuts, red bananas and snake corpses to avoid having to re-gather the ingredients. This can only be achieved by drop picking (dropping an item, retrieving it from its original source and picking up the original), otherwise the player will receive a message deterring it.

Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. Any items left on the ground will be lost.
Killing the big snakes in the pit on Crash Island.

Note: You cannot get the snake corpse beforehand. If you kill a snake before talking to Awowogei and then the three monkeys, you will get only bones. Leave Ape Atoll and return to Crash Island. Go east until you find a large hole in the ground, and enter the cave below.

You will find five level 84 Big Snakes. Since they hit hard and are poisonous, Protect from Melee is advised. Turn it on before entering the cave. Kill one and take the snake corpse. You might want to grab multiple corpses since you might accidentally burn the snake. Try to stay away from the walls as more snakes (which are scenery) will appear and attack you.

Red banana
Getting the banana.

Return to Ape Atoll and enter the city.

The red banana tree is located on the north-west coast of the island, just south-west of the gnome glider icon. To get the red banana, wield your gorilla greegree, as you'll need lots of strength. Then, go to the west coast and find the tree. Use your rope on it to get the banana. If you forgot rope, Ifaba at the general store sells some. Slice the banana to get sliced red banana. You might want to get more sliced red bananas, since you might accidentally burn the snake. Note: If you have a single red banana when you return to the three monkeys, they will eat one of them.

If no bananas are on the tree, go to the three wise monkeys again with a normal banana and go through the dialogue regarding it until it is finished.

Tchiki monkey nuts
Picking the tchiki nuts from the bush.

Players with access to fairy rings may use the code CLR to skip part of the Agility course.

Wield your ninja greegree, then go to the south part of town. The Agility course start-point is on the other side of a small river. You will need 48 Agility to access the course. Boosts will not work for this. Once over the bridge, head south-west near the cliff to enter the agility course. Continue on the course until right after the rope swing to reach the broken hut around a hole in the ground. Go down and pick some tchiki monkey nuts from the bush. Grind the tchiki nut into tchiki nut paste. You might want to create more tchiki nut paste, since you might accidentally burn the snake.

If there are no nuts on the bush, return to the three monkeys and use the standard monkey nuts on one of them and go through the dialogue regarding it until it is finished.

Pets cannot be brought onto the Agility course. If you have a pet following you, pick it up to use the course.

Note: Completing a lap of the course is a hard task in the Western Provinces achievement diary.

Cooking the snake
Cooking the snake.

After you have everything, slice the banana and grind the nuts, then stuff your snake with them to create a raw stuffed snake. Be careful not to eat them yourself.

Go back to Ape Atoll, equip a greegree (you will need your Zombie greegree soon, but cannot run with it equipped), and then go back to the temple. Go down the trapdoor protected by gorillas, then down one of the ramps. There is a crack in the wall between the two bamboo ramps. Go through it, and you will see a patch of hot coals. This is where you need to equip your zombie greegree, as the hot coals will prevent you from going to the other side. Go to the long rock on the floor, boost your Cooking level if needed, and then, cook the snake on it. It is possible to over-cook the stuffed snake. You will know if you successfully cook or burn the snake, as there will be an animation when you try to cook it.

Travel back to Lumbridge Castle, and make sure your m'speak amulet is equipped. Right click the stuffed snake, and use it on Awowogei If you eat the snake, you'll have to get another one.

Congratulations! Subquest complete!


Recipe for Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei) reward scroll.png

Defeating the Culinaromancer[edit | edit source]



Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. Any items left on the ground will be lost.

The Culinaromancer is unfrozen, and escapes back to his dimension!

After you have freed all the council members, you will see a cutscene, where Gypsy Aris restarts time by saying "Tempus procedit!" The Culinaromancer will then retreat through the portal back to his own dimension, where he'll be ready to cause more trouble. Aris then says that you too must go through the portal to finish him off.

When you're in the strange dimension, you'll find the Culinaromancer, a few white portals that lead back to Lumbridge, and one of your previous quest bosses. The Culinaromancer is too strong to be defeated until you've defeated the first five bosses. Prayer cannot be used in this dimension.

Note: You can leave and stock up after defeating each boss without losing your place in the fight.


Agrith-Na-Na is Agrith Naar from the Shadow of the Storm quest, but he is now made of bananas and is level 146. He uses melee up close and Fire Blast at a distance. Kill him however you like, with food. He drops one banana.


Flambeed is Fareed from Desert Treasure. He's level 149 now. You need ice gloves to wield a weapon. If you melee him without ice gloves, you will DROP your weapon. Because the area is instanced, if you leave the battle without picking your weapon up, it will be lost. He's harder to defeat without prayer, but you should be able to kill him with plenty of high healing food. As he is large, if you stay beside the portal you can safespot him as he will not be able to approach you (does not always work). If you're maging, be sure to use Water spells. You can snare him, run away, and then mage him so you only use little to no food. If you're ranging, you must use ice arrows or a crystal bow with Ice gloves. He drops cakes.


Karamel is Kamil from the Desert Treasure quest. Fight her up close with a Fire spell that you're well above the required level to do. Bring stat restore potions (she lowers your stats) and lots of food, even with lowering your stats, Karamel is incredibly inaccurate. A good strategy is to use Fire Bolt with Chaos gauntlets. As usual, Melee doesn't work on her very well. Unlike Kamil, Karamel's melee attacks do not do much damage. Since her melee attacks are not very strong, a good tactic is to stand right next to her so she hits you with Melee, which reduces how frequently she uses her ice attacks. Manually casting spells is beneficial due to her freezing effects stopping your auto-attacks. She drops a choc-ice.

Note: Even though Kamil is immune to Iban blast, Karamel is not. Iban blast can be used very effectively.


Dessourt is Dessous from Desert Treasure. Melee doesn't work very well on him, however he is less resistant to stab weapons. Magic such as Iban Blast works well. Ranged also works really well on him. Bring lots of food, and then, defeat him as quickly as possible. He drops chocolate dust.

Gelatinnoth Mother

Gelatinnoth Mother is the Dagannoth Mother from the Horror from the Deep quest, with that in mind you will need to bring Water, Air, Earth and Fire runes in order to attack her during her weakness. She uses a ranged attack that rolls two hits per attack, one magic based and one ranged based. Each hit is capable of hitting for 20 for a possible max hit of 40 per attack. Players who have 80 or less health can die easily with a bit of bad luck and slow eating. The fight itself is fairly easy, although a bit long. She changes colour depending on her weakness. She has a low Magic Defence, but high Melee Defence. It is best not to bother with Melee and just focus on maging and ranging. A great strategy is to mage her while wearing rune armour or above. Otherwise, she will rip through Mystic robes and other magic robes with her ranged attacks. Your spells will still hit because of her low Magic Defence.


After you've defeated the Gelatinnoth Mother, the Culinaromancer himself will attack you. He's level 75, hits high (can hit rapid 25s with magic), but has practically no Defence. He uses Magic, but tries to get up close to attack as well. Kill him with any attack style and bring food. It is recommended to use some sort of magic armour such as dragonhide.

If you happen to defeat the Culinaromancer with a full inventory the reward lamp will drop at your feet when you return to the Lumbridge castle. A cake will drop to the ground, but you are unable to pick it up. It is mostly symbolic.

The Culinaromancer is defeated!

Congratulations! Quest (finally!) complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Recipe for Disaster (Defeating the Culinaromancer) reward scroll.png

After saving the final member of the Secret Council, the Culinaromancer will retreat through a portal back into his own dimension. Gypsy Aris tells you to go through the portal to finish him off before he causes more trouble.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png

The safest way for an ultimate ironman to defeat the Culinaromancer is to suicide beforehand at the nettles in Edgeville and then only take the food and weapons that you require. After each fight you should repeat and restock on food at the warriors guild and Alfonse the waiter in Brimhaven.

You can leave and stock up after defeating a boss without losing your progress. However, Prayer can never be used during any of the fights.