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This article is about the explosive Ranged weapon. For the Hunter creature, see Carnivorous chinchompa.
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Red chinchompas are one-handed multi-target stackable Ranged weapons requiring level 55 Ranged to wield. Red chinchompas can be obtained by box trapping carnivorous chinchompas in the Feldip Hunter area. This requires 63 Hunter, and will give the player 265 Hunter experience per catch. They can also be caught in the Red chinchompa hunting ground after completing the hard Western Provinces Diary. They can be teleported to by using the fairy ring code AKS near the Feldip Hills hunter area.

After completing the Song of the Elves quest, it is also possible to catch red chinchompas at the Gwenith Hunter area north-east of Prifddinas.

To use chinchompas in combat, they must be wielded in the weapons slot. Red chinchompas are thrown like darts or throwing knives; however, they explode on impact. In PvM, they can hit up to 11 targets in a 3x3 area. In PvP, this cap is at 9 targets. They cannot be picked up again from the ground after being thrown and Ava's device does not return them. In multiple target attacks, the chinchompa simply rolls at the target's defence values; if it hits, then all other nearby targets are also hit, regardless of their Defence level and ranged defence bonuses. If it misses, then none of the targets take damage.

Using red chinchompas is widely regarded as the second fastest way to train Ranged and Hitpoints; however, this method is very costly. Catching red chinchompas is also popular among high-level Hunters as it gives fast experience and is profitable.

Attack speed: Fuses are used to describe the attack speed for throwing chinchompas. It is just another name for the conventional styles of ranged training.

  • Short fuse: 4 ticks
  • Medium fuse: 3 ticks
  • Long fuse: 4 ticks

Chinchompas have an attack range of 9. Long Fusing increases attack range by 1. (10 is the maximum attack range.)

Note: If a player dies with red chinchompas in their inventory or equipped, the chinchompas will disappear and cannot be retrieved, including safe deaths (i.e. Zulrah, Hespori). This is due to the fact that the chinchompa is a live animal, meaning it can run away. However, if you are in the Wilderness and die, the player who killed you can pick up your chinchompas.

Combat style[edit | edit source]

A player fighting with red chinchompas.
Combat OptionsCombat StyleAttack typesStyleExperienceBoosts
CombatStyles Chinchompas.pngShort fuseRangedShort fuseRanged and HitpointsAccuracy and Damage
Medium fuseRangedMedium fuseRanged and HitpointsAttack speed by 1 tick
Long fuseRangedLong fuseRanged, Defence, and HitpointsAttack range by 1 square

Chinchompa guide[edit | edit source]

Using red chinchompas is a practical way of training Ranged and Hitpoints since combat experience per hour is determined by how much DPS (damage per second) the player can deal.

It is best used against multiple aggressive targets occupying a 3x3 (or smaller) space and piled together, such as the Skeletons of Ape Atoll or the Maniacal monkeys in Kruk's Dungeon, as these monsters are highly aggressive and easily stack on top of each other, meaning that you will deal plenty of damage against them.

Chinchompas' accuracy is based off of the distance from the target.[1]

Style 0-3 Squares 4-6 Squares 7+ Squares
Short fuse 100% 75% 50%
Medium fuse 75% 100% 75%
Long fuse 50% 75% 100%

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Carnivorous chinchompa63 Hunter icon.png1Always

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chinchompas were actually inspired by the chinchilla.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 6 May 2018. (Archived from the original on 26 May 2020.) Mod Ash: "Nearly. Medium fuses 0-3 tiles and 7+ tiles are 75%, not 50%. It's applied to the accuracy/defence roll when the attack is cast, like armour bonuses are."